Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Rhodia booklet winner: Crafts planner


This is from recent giveaway winner Donna:

I was one of the winners of the booklet giveaway. I received the Rhodia booklet. I love notebooks/journals/notepads. I am a homemaker who loves to craft. I like doing papercrafts, specifically making cards, and cross-stitching. I like to keep track of craft projects that I am working on……along with making notes for future projects (supplies needed, gifts to make, etc.).

I am using the Rhodia booklet as a Crafts Planner.

Crafts planner Rhodia

I plan on having a two-page spread for planning each month. I am attaching a photo of the August 2016 pages. There is plenty of room to keep track of cards that I make during the month along with a list of specific cards that I need to make before month end.

I am also a big supporter of snail mail so I have included space to keep track of birthday cards that need to be mailed during the month in addition to other personal correspondence that needs to be written and mailed.

Crafts planner Rhodia writing

A friend has asked me to teach an arts/crafts class to her homeschooled children. I left room to make notes of ideas for arts/crafts projects.

The two-page spread provides plenty of room for keeping track of monthly craft projects. The Rhodia notebook will allow me to keep track of my projects for the next 4 years. It is a nice-sized notebook and the paper quality is quite sufficient for this usage.

The notebook is also the perfect size to throw in my purse or insert in my calendar planner binder if I need to take it “on the go”.

Thanks for the opportunity to try this product!

Thank you so much for showing us how you are using your booklet Donna! We are glad you are enjoying it.

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