Friday, August 26th, 2016

Mike Linn’s Folio for Rhodia Pads


Mike Linn_Profile Pic

Mike Linn, who was featured earlier this year in a Rhodia Fan Profile, has a Kickstarter campaign for his new folio that is designed to hold a Rhodia (or any A5 size) notebook along with a tablet or sketch pad and pens.

In his Kickstarter campaign, he says the folio is designed to keep all your productivity tools together in one portable case, allowing you to visit clients and work from anywhere. He notes:

“With most meetings, using a pen and paper is an unobtrusive, and easy way to record the details. Working from behind a laptop isn’t always an option and for these times, using a good looking folio with a functional notebook can be useful.”

The folio looks great and is adaptable to accommodate different tools. His project is already fully funded and still has more than 20 days to go!

Check out Mike’s folio Kickstarter here.

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