Friday, August 12th, 2016

Modifying Rhodia Pads and Notebooks by Steve Morton


Today we are very happy to feature a guest post by Steve Morton (aka (“Mr. Philofaxy“) on how he modified Rhodia pads and notebooks to fit his needs. You might remember Steve was recently featured here in a Rhodia Fan Profile! Many thanks to Steve for showing us how you use your Rhodia products.

I was recently given a small pocket notebook with a leather cover and small size pen. It is a lovely small notebook to use and carry around because it is more or less the same dimensions as my iPhone 6 although it is thicker, but it slips in to my pocket so I have no excuse as to always having a pen and some paper to hand.


The only problem with it being so small (55x125mm) was finding replacement notebooks for the cover. I hate having to buy something as simple and straight forward as a notebook on line, because the cost of delivery can be as much if not more than the cost of the notebook itself. So I always look for some thing I can buy in my local stationery store where possible.

One day I hit on the idea of using Rhodia Unlimited lined notebook which I could buy locally. These are much bigger at 90×140 mm but I had an idea that I could reduce it in size and make it fit.

Using an old paper press my father in law made for making notepads out of scrap paper I was able to clamp the pages between the wooden batten and the base and use the batten as a cutting guide with a sharp craft knife to use repeated full length cuts using only moderate pressure with each cut until I had cut through the whole notebook. I did this for both the length and the width. I was quite pleased with the results.


Once inserted in to the cover you would never know what its original size was. And a bonus of using the Rhodia Unlimited Notebook is that every page is perforated close to the binding. So I can write a note or make a list and when I am done I can tear out the page and pass it on or recycle it.


I am very pleased with the end result.

Having successfully resized the notebook, I used the same paper clamp to resize the Rhodia No14 notepad. These are A6+ size. A torn out page is the correct height for A6 but 5mm wider than A6.



I use A6 paper in my ring bound organiser. So I reduced the width of the Rhodia No.14 by 5mm by cutting it down on the left hand edge. This would be the side that is punched and therefore it’s the inside edge in my organiser, this leaves the nice factory finished edge on the outside edge.



The lined version of the Rhodia No14 pads are not available locally, but I will not be needing to order them too often and they can be added to an existing Amazon UK order when I need one.

Once again this is a great result and should prove useful for me and other A6 users.

If you would like to be featured here on Rhodia Drive showing how you use your Rhodia products, please email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. If you are featured, we will be happy to send you a Rhodia product of your choice as a thank you gift!

3 thoughts on “Modifying Rhodia Pads and Notebooks by Steve Morton

  1. I use the Rhodia A4+ Grid or plain, and cut it into 4 for my A6 and in half for my A5. I remove the pages first, as I can’t cut a whole pad neatly!
    There’s zero wastage and barely any measuring needed.

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