Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

JournalJoy Video Review of a Rhodia Webnotebook



See the video review here.

Her bio:  “KD from JournalJoy has been writing since she was 13 years old and has had a passion for journals ever since.  A good notebook inspires her and tickles her creativity, makes her want to express herself, nudges her to explore life and dig a little deeper.  She mostly uses notebooks for writing poems, recording random thoughts and tidbits, and as an outlet for her creative ideas as an entrepreneur, taking her business to the next level.  A couple of years ago she decided to start a YouTube channel called JournalJoy, to share her passion for great journals with the world, and has consistently been recording reviews and comparisons of notebooks ever since.”

KD wrote to us asking for a sample of a Webnotebook and some other products to review.  We sent one to her–the rest was up to her.  We thought she had a very crisp and precise review of Webnotebook features.  I wanted to share it with the Rhodia fan community.  Enjoy!

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