Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

A4 Rhodia



We seem to be getting a lot of requests this year for A4 Rhodia products.  I thought I would list of all them that we import and stock here in the U.S.:

R Pads – orange & black, lined & blank – 90g ivory

Side-stapled notebooks – orange & black, lined

Meeting Books – orange & black

Meeting Book 90 – black polypro, 90g

Classic Top Stapled Pads – orange & black, lined w/margin, dot grid, blank, grid

Classic Top Stapled Pads – orange & black, lined w/3-hole punched

Rhodia Ice Top Stapled Pads – lined & grid

Spiral Notebooks – orange & black, lined & grid

4-Color Books – orange & black, lined

Elasti Book – orange & black, lined

Top Spiral Notepads – orange & black, grid, lined, dot grid

We have gotten a few requests for A4 Webnotebooks.  France does produce them in A4 size in orange & black, dot grid, lined and blank.  If we were to import a limited quantity, which one(s) would you buy?  Feedback is important now, before we start work on our 2017 catalog.

5 thoughts on “A4 Rhodia

  1. I received this comment from M.G. : A4 webnotebook…I would buy
    – Blank. 50% of my total purchase. Of these he color split would be 50%/50 between orange and black but color is secondary to blank paper.
    – Dot Grid. 50%. Of these I’d buy 85% black and 20% orange.
    Since I’m an individual consumer and knowing I might not be able to buy them for some time I’d get 10 total. We recently had a friend in the UK deliver some to us when he came for a visit.

  2. Hello,

    Orange, black, dot or grid.
    But… what about Canada? I guess we are drived by the US?

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