Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Summer Fun! – Clairefontaine Roadbook Reviews



Earlier this spring, we offered Rhodia Drive readers the opportunity the “road test” this notebook to see how it performed either has a travel journal, or as an everyday companion.  I am really delighted to say that I have heard back from just about every volunteer.  I will be publishing their remarks and photos so all our readers and what they liked, didn’t like, and would like to see as the product evolves.  This volunteer project was so successful, I am planning to do it again next year with 2 or 3 new Rhodia products we’ll introduce in 2017; or some other products that are less well-known than the classic pads, but also deserve their time in the sun.  Please know I am grateful, and deeply appreciative, of the time and thought everyone dedicated to product tests and reviews.  Thank you all so much.

Norm G. from Virginia had this to say:  “I’ve been putting the Road Book through its paces and have found it to be a great volume for travel.  The volume is thin enough to be easily slipped into a backpack and the paper is of the high quality users of Clairefontaine have come to expect.  The only “meh” aspect is that the volume doesn’t lay flat when open.  Certainly not a dealbreaker; only a minor annoyance.  The photo:  a few moments of relaxation to jot a few notes in the Road Book during a long and gueling bike ride at Petersburg battfield.”

And from Nancy N from California:  “Love the size, the rounded corners (abnormally important to me!), the smooth and heavy paper which supports a wide array of writing implements, and the elastic closure.  Oh, and the color, texture and material of the cover! I can’t stand ‘fake-feeling’ (translate: PU varieties), so this is great.  I also love the wide-ruled lines! My cup of tea.”

“HOWEVER. There is one fatal flaw that makes this notebook unusable for me…it doesn’t lay flat.  It’s fighting me constantly as I write, trying to pop closed.  Even when I really man-handled the spine in a forceful attempt to make it relax, it wouldn’t do so. The facing pages seem to be always quarreling.  Why not add a ribbon marker? So handy, especially with notebooks that don’t lay flat :(.”



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