Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Rhodia Fan Profile: Leslie Udoff



RD: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

LU: I am a 64 year old woman and I love paper and pens!  I am the candy and gift buyer for two specialty supermarkets in Baltimore, Maryland. I can work as little or as much as I want.  It’s a dream job.

RD: How and when did you first discover Rhodia products?

LU: I have a terrible memory but I think it was at least 15 years ago. I was in a card store and they had an assortment of notebooks and note pads from several different vendors. I opened every book and pad to see and actually feel the paper. The paper has to be smooth so my pen will glide across the paper. I am left handed so I need to be sure that I can write without smearing the ink. This is going to sound crazy but my heart actually skipped a beat when I first saw the entire line of Rhodia. I knew immediately that I was in love! I know it sounds ridiculous but I just adore good paper and I could see and feel Rhodia was the best ever! I am absolutely passionate about this obsession of mine.

RD: Which are your favorite Rhodia products?

LU: I happen to love graph paper. I don’t write on it straight across and I cannot tell you why I love it; maybe because it’s different than anything we used in school. I love the perforated pages. I have tried every kind there is.  Currently, I am alternating between a 5×7 that opens at the top and the 8×8 spiral. My husband just bought me that one and I love the fact that I can use it with the spiral on the left or right side or even at the top!!!!

RD: Do you always use the same product(s) or do you change periodically?

LU: I do change periodically. I want to try the meeting notes Rhodia, but I don’t do meetings. I am considering having some work or family meetings just so I can use this notebook. Crazy……right?

RD: Do you use them in any way that is specific to your work?

LU: Oh yes, I always use Rhodia at work. I am always walking the store to see what needs to be reordered and then write it down. I always go to the Stationery and Gift Shows in New York and take notes about company products.  The Stationery Show is where I saw your booth and almost had heart failure. I know this all sounds so dramatic, but when I love a product,  I really, really love a product!

RD: Does using Rhodia products make your job easier in any way? (Do quality tools make the job easier?)

LU: Of course Rhodia makes my job easier and that is because it makes my job happier. If I  have supplies I love, I  want to use those supplies and to have quality supplies makes me want to do all the writing I can. Sometimes I even rewrite my notes later if they are sloppily written.

RD: Pencil, pen, or other? Favorites?

LU: Usually pen. Right now I am into black flairs. I don’t normally use ballpoint pens; I like a smooth rolling writer that glides across my wonderful graph paper. I switch off between black and blue pens. I do occasionally use pencils and I am crazy about them also. My favorite pencils are Blackwings but…and here is the problem; They are not retractable and I cannot slip them onto my notebook. So, I am using PaperMate Sharp Writers. They are retractable and they have a nice eraser.  But I really do prefer a pen.

RD: Where do you regularly purchase Rhodia products?

LU: I usually have to go to Barnes and Noble. There are not too many places that sell Rhoda in my area. I have purchased on the internet once or twice. My husband bought me my new spiral one from Plaza Art store in Towson, Maryland. I am planning a visit there to see the selection. When in NY I go into the Container Store and buy a few notebooks.

RD: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?

LU: I guess the only thing is maybe some sort of plastic “pouch” attached to the back of the notebook where I could keep my pens and/or pencils.



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