Monday, July 18th, 2016

Liam D.’s Clairefontaine Roadbook Review



“I own my own business as a guitar technician so being able to take notes and diagrams in an instant is a crucial part of my job. Whether I’m at my work bench, on the road, on the stage or in the recording studio my roadbook is always no more than a reach away.”

“I’m originally from England and now living in America.  My roadbook has been with me around the world in some of the most famous musical landmarks.  It’s quality of build is essential as it is constantly around the rest of my work tools and not always in the ideal places to write. But it always makes me look classy and professional.”

“Though I use it mainly to take notes, measurements and diagrams of guitars, it is also a journal of where my job has taken me and the musicians I have met along the way.”



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