Friday, July 8th, 2016

Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebook video


Exaclair now has notebooks that are completely waterproof, with paper that can be written on when it’s wet! I did a review of the Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebook on Quo Vadis blog recently:


There is a new video showing the Chartwell Watershed notebook in action! Click here to see the video.

Yes that’s right, water gets dumped over the page and not only is the paper fine, it can be written on while it’s wet!

You can see my writing demonstration on the paper, wet and dry, here.


Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebooks come with either lined or grid paper, and are available here for US customers.

Chartwell notebooks are also available in the UK, with the lined or the graph pages.

One thought on “Chartwell Watershed waterproof notebook video

  1. Waterproof paper aka “Write in Rain” is nothing new. My first experience with this type of paper was in the late 1970’s when I got a summer job working as a lab assistant and I was given a Rapidograph pen, a bottle of India ink, and a Dietzgen surveyor logbook that I had to document anything and everything that I did in the lab and in the field. Since then I have used ones made Alvin Sokkia, Elan, or Rite in the Rain for journals, log, and record books that may or will be iexposed to the weather. I also buy “Rite in the Rain” paper by the ream to print score sheets on with a laser printer. All that being said I am glade that there is another maker of “waterproof ” paper available.

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