Friday, June 10th, 2016

Rhodia Fan Profile: Ana from The Well-Appointed Desk



Today we are talking with Ana from The Well-Appointed Desk! Her blog is one of my long-time favorite stationery blogs so I was especially excited to interview her!

RD: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ana: I have been running the blog, The Well-Appointed Desk for the last six years where I review pens, notebooks, inks and try to create a beautiful place to work.


RD: How and when did you first discover Rhodia products?

Ana: Pretty soon after I started writing the blog I discovered Rhodia products. The Webnotebook was really gaining popularity at the time but it wasn’t until I started testing pens and inks regularly that I realized that Rhodia paper was THE paper to test on.


RD: Which are your favorite Rhodia products?

Ana: I use Rhodia Uni Blank No. 18 to test all the pens and inks that come in to be reviewed. The paper is a nice bright white so I get a consistent read on the color of the inks and the smoothness of the paper lets me get a good feel for pen performance. I’ve been using the No. 18 Uni Blank pads for over two years now and have quite a collection of test pages of inks, pencils and pens! I started hole punching them and keeping them in binders for reference.

I also love a lot of other products in the Rhodia family like the Rhodiarama books (oh, the colors!), the classic Webbies,  and the Ice pads.


RD: Do you always use the same product(s) or do you change periodically?

Ana: I may have recently upgraded to the R Series but I always buy the No. 18 size. I have a smaller ICE pad I use at work for scribble testing but I’m pretty loyal to the large black cover No. 18. I use other Rhodia products for other purposes but I will probably always test pens and inks on a Rhodia pad.

RD: Do you use them in any way that is specific to your work?

Ana: Clearly! As a paper product reviewer, Rhodia paper is the gold standard. I use the best product to review products in order to guarantee I’m getting accurate and consistent results from the products I’m reviewing. When I review other paper products, they have an awful lot to live up to!

RD: Does using Rhodia products make your job easier in any way? (Do quality tools make the job easier?)

Ana: Absolutely! I used to review inks and pens on graph paper and I found it so distracting. Not to mention that the paper was not very high quality so I ended up having to apologize in the reviews for ink bleed or feathering. With Rhodia paper, I get consistent performance. If a product bleeds on Rhodia paper, I can’t really recommend it to anyone!

RD: Pencil, pen, or other? Favorites?

Ana: I can’t pick a favorite tool! What if the others hear? I’ll make them feel bad.

RD: Where do you regularly purchase Rhodia products?

Ana: I order my Rhodia Uni Blank pads from JetPens of course!

RD: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?

Ana: I had some issues tearing the perforations towards the end of the last pad. I don’t know if it was a fluke with that particular pad (maybe the perforation blade was getting dull) or if it was me but I was bothered with how messy the pages were looking. I was actually ripping the pages rather than tearing at the perforations. That is my only gripe!


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