Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Roadbook on the Road in Israel



20160306_152138Y. Amit is a legal professional, living and working in the Tel Aviv area.  Earlier this year he took a Roadbook along on a train trip to a seminar.  Here’s his review:

“This thin notebook is perfect for on-the-road notes and drafts.  I attended a professional seminar back in February. While I took some work to do, some things to read and review, I did not want to schelp my regular, hardcover Webbie. The Roadbook was a perfect substitute, as it is thin enough not to be heavy, and sturdy enough to keep its form even after days in my messy briefcase.”


“The paper is–as can be expected from a Clairefontaine–superb. I do most of my writing using a fountain pen, and the paper is thick and perfect to use even with my broadest, wettest nibs.  The drying time is somewhat long, but I find it to be an acceptable tradeoff with the quality of paper, and the overall writing experience is great.

The Roadbook is not going to replace my regular, daily Webbie, but for on-the-go drafts, as a “sounding board” notebook, it is a very good product.”


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