Monday, May 23rd, 2016

ColoR Premium Notepad Giveaway Winners!


coloR pad

We have our winners! 20 people were choosen to win 1 out of 20 Rhodia ColoR Premium Notepads. We also had 2 extra notepads so we decided to give them away as well. There are 22 winners!

If you see your name below you can expect an email shortly confirming your information and should receive your prize soon!


Lindsay N.
George F.
Kira L.
Chrispian B.
Andrew P.
Laura Y.
Adam W.
Robert L.
Tina K.
Jeffrey H.
Shangching H.
Elizabeth P.
Steve M.
Azizah A.
Alise H.
Pat H.
Jeff E.
Eva L.
David K.
Jason M.
Jimmy R.
Randall M.

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