Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Clairefontaine Roadbook Roundup



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Many thanks to our Roadbook testers for their photos and feedback.  There is nothing like interacting with a product over a period of time to get a feel for it.  While praise is always great, I really value your critiques, too.  They help us to improve.

Penny S.G. from New York did an extensive review of the Roadbook on her blog, Penguin Girl.  You can read the whole review here.

“I love most everything about it, from the size, to the weight, to, of course, the Clairefontaine paper, but I knew that going in. It put up with every pen I tossed at it, from several fountain pens to some pigma microns. I didn’t go through every pen in the house, but the ones I had in my bag I used. I love that the paper is white. I am surprised, I’d been veering toward ivory papers. The rounded corners help it stand up to abuse in my bag, or if I drop it. I like that I can fold the cover and that it is sturdy enough to write on my leg, useful for taking notes on a train.”


“What do I wish it did differently?

I wish there was a pocket in the cover, perhaps on the outside so it couldn’t interfere with writing. When I travel there is always ephemera that I want to keep safe until it makes its way to the scrapbook (or recycling bin). I wish that there was a grid option or narrower rule. I prefer 5-6mm so the 8mm is super wide spacing for me. It’s ok but not my preference. I wish that the pages were indexed. I think? I don’t know. I go back and forth on this. I wish that the lines were spaced more evenly on the page, I don’t need the header & footer margins to be so wide.”

“How did it surprise me the most? I was skeptical about the cover material. It has stood up to quite a bit of abuse. While I couldn’t make myself purposely spill tea or coffee on it, I am very pleased with how it’s held up.”



Rusty SZ from Oklahoma emailed me his comments and some great photos on April 22:

“Enjoyed using the Roadbook. I chose the lined edition – the line spacing was good for me as I have large handwriting, the paper worked great with my fountain pens and held up to all the things I taped inside, the elastic was handy for keeping everything together and compact.”

Penny and Rusty, thanks so much!

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