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Roadbook Roundup – Tiffany C. and Chris P.


Harbor view

Thank you to Tiffany C. for this amazing review and photos!

“I’ve been using my Clairefontaine Roadbook for a few weeks now on the job, which currently involves outdoor field work at a port terminal. Size-wise, I’m really excited about about the 6 x 8 1/4 size. It fits perfectly in the inner pocket of my safety vest (thus protecting it from any potential dangers of falling out), but it’s large enough where I don’t have to fumble around to take it out. The cover is a semi-stiff cardstock cover with a bit of texture that makes it easier to grasp. The elastic closure is secured by two eyelets on the back and keeps the notebook from catching on edges, which I appreciate since I’m usually handling equipment–sometimes juggling quite a few items!–and a field notebook at the same time.

Field work gear


Regarding the paper quality: definitely on par with every other Rhodia/Clairefontaine product I’ve had the pleasure of using. Amazingly smooth, papers are a comfortable weight so I don’t have to worry about it ripping when I flip the pages. Zero bleedthrough or ghosting with gel pens. Minor bleedthrough with a fine point Sharpie. And although I don’t use fountain pens on the field, the Roadbook would be an amazing companion for anyone looking for a notebook traveling companion as there’s only minor ghosting even with a flex pen’s wet flow.

Minor bleedthrough with Sharpie

There are a few things I would note regarding the Roadbook that, if addressed, would make this my ideal notebook for the field:

1) Perhaps it’s a cost reducing method, but the particular method the Roadbook is bound prevents it from easily lying open flat without assistance. It’s easier to fold back the covers at the beginning and end of the Roadbook, but in the middle the Roadbook, it takes a bit more effort to have to hold down the pages flat and writing closer to the spine is difficult. It’s a great notebook; I’d like to squeeze as much out of it as possible!

2) It could be my particular copy, but exactly 3/4ths of the way through, the orientation of the lines on the page flip upside down. Not a deal breaker, but it is something to note for those that care about the aesthetics of their notebook.

Overall, it’s a fantastic product and I’m very excited to add a stellar product into my field work equipment rotation.”

And a very special thanks to Chris P., who kept us current with photos and comments during his motorcycle trip from Ohio to Texas. 



“Hi, just wanted to let you know we made it back despite the cold weather. The book was very useful.  The only compaint I have is that I think I would like it better with either college ruled or grid lines. Otherwise it’s perfect, it fits in my map case, and the paper takes my pilot fountain pen well. Now it goes on my workbag with my tablet so I can plan my next trip while I’m stuck at my desk.”


3 thoughts on “Roadbook Roundup – Tiffany C. and Chris P.

  1. I have been heavily using my RoadBook for the past week on vacation. I noticed that my middle section is upside down too.

  2. This is a favorite size with me, too. Pages are large enough to write meaningful amounts, but not so large that a large expanse of blankness reduces my through process to much.

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