Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Clairefontaine Roadbook Review – Frank B., Washington State



“The Roadlog (Roadbook) has changed how I think about my sketching. The Roadlog has enabled me to introduce more discipline in my recording of where I live and how I approach each subject. It enhances sketching activity by helping me focus and record the experience.

I use the Roadlog to create a thumbnail sketch of the proposed subject before I use my traditional sketchbook.  I use the thumbnail to gauge and edit before I begin, it also gets my mind and eye oriented to the subject. This warm-up activity also serves to get the eye and pen coordinated, a very valuable step in drawing.

I also find it valuable to write phrases or sentences about the environment, weather, unusual sights, and thoughts in the Roadlog to accompany the thumbnail for future use.  Having the journaling with the sketch enables me to write remarks about the setting when I describe my road trips or to publish the sketch in book form, which I have recently done.

At each sketching site I draw a small map of the location, what the subject is, and what the compass directions are. This adds to the Roadlog and definitely locates the site as part of the log.

The Roadlog is easy to use.  Excellent quality paper, smooth writing surface, and its comfortable size all make for a pleasant experience.

I’m planning a road trip in May and the Roadlog will be my seatmate to enhance the drive.”



3 thoughts on “Clairefontaine Roadbook Review – Frank B., Washington State

  1. I too am from Washington state. I hope that will not be a problem later with my review.

  2. The Roadbook is a Clairefontaine product. It is part of the “Basics” Notebook collection. You can read more about Basics notebooks here –
    You can get specifics on the Roadbooks from this catalog page –
    The suggested list price for a large Roadbook is $12.95 and $9.95 for a pocket size.
    Ask your favorite retailer about them. You can also purchase Roadbooks online from –

  3. Could you provide a link to the roadlog? Is this a Clairefontaine or Rhodia product?

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