Monday, March 21st, 2016

Exacompta Waterproof Notepad



A lot of people ask us whether Rhodia pads are waterproof and the answer is kind of. The paper is many things but it is not waterproof but the coated cover is water resistant. Which is usually good enough to protect your notes while you get out of the rain or fish your notepad out of water! But now we are excited to say we have a 100% waterproof notepad courtesy of Exacompta.

It’s called the Watershed and it’s designed for the most demanding environments. 50 pages, in either lined or graph, in a handy 4 x 6 size is the perfect notepad for explorers, construction workers and anyone who needs to write while facing the elements.


Now personally when I see rain I try not to run outside and start writing but me and rain have never been great friends anyways.

Do you find a need for a waterproof notepad? When would it be most useful?

7 thoughts on “Exacompta Waterproof Notepad

  1. Ironic — my father and husband (who are both farmers) just asked me last week if I knew about waterproof paper. I’ll definitely be buying some of these notebooks for them! Hope they are available soon, and in Canada. :)

  2. Yeah it’s kind of a plastic type of paper. Not really sure exactly what it’s made out of but that may be an interesting quest to find out. We may or may not give one or two away. Stay tuned!

  3. Don’t worry: I can find a need to anything, so… I will now be able to test my Fisher SpacePen. After test in extreme cold (Montreal can be damn cold in winter), the rain test. I know that on other waterproof paper it performs poorly.
    My only issue is that I don’t really like the spiral. But with waterproof paper (is it a kind of plastic paper? so harder than regular paper) it might do the job.
    Indeed, a test page could be nice…

  4. I personally keep a waterproof notebook in my shower for when I get ideas. Would it be possible to get a sample of this notepad, or one of the sheets in it?

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