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Clairefontaine Roadbook Reviews



A few weeks ago I posted an offer for people to try a Roadbook as their notebook around town or as a travel journal.  About 25 people signed up to try the Roadbook, and promised to send feedback and photos.   I will be posting their reviews periodically as I receive them.  Here is our first group:

Chris P. will be taking the Roadbook on a motorcycle trip to Texas.  “Keeping all my notes in the road book.  I use index cards in the map case for directions.”

Stephen P. is a “frequent business traveller and user of notebooks.  Has been an interesting experience using your notebook.  Initially it was difficult to get used to as I’m a fountain pen user.  The paper was too glossy and didn’t let the ink flow freely.  Tightly bound pages made it hard to open and use easily.  But don’t despair it isn’t all bad.  It’s great for pencil and sketching out ideas and mind maps.  It is robust and attractive.  Just need to get the right users attracted.  I will provide a few update pics.”

Sometimes I need a cat free writing session & #morecoffee. #clairefontaine #roadbook @exaclair

A photo posted by penny shima glanz (@pennyshima) on

Penny S.G. is a computer scientist, and also designs her own hand knitting and crochet patterns.  She “loves Clairefontaine paper” but wishes “it was offered in dot or grid.”  “It’s a dream to write on and made a first draft effortless.  It didn’t bat an eye when the next page became a quick sketch of a jacket hanging on a chair at the coffee shop and annotated with ideas on how it could be transformed into a knitted design.  It hasn’t complained being shoved around and living on the bottom of my Tom Bihn bag.  The cover has surprised me in how good it still looks.”

Laurie Huff over on Quo Vadis Blog posted a short clip on Roadbook notebook features.

My sincere thanks to our reviewers for your photos and feedback.  I’m looking forward to more comments!


4 thoughts on “Clairefontaine Roadbook Reviews

  1. My RoadBook has been my constant companion riding in my SCOTTeVEST since the day I got it. I too, love the Clairefontaine paper. I have had a blast trying different colors, tips and types of pens.

  2. Same as Beth, here. About the missing pictures… and about the Clairefontaine paper :)

  3. Ahh, nice, my RoadBook has been stuffed in my backpack since it arrived. Clattering around with a keyboard and tablet, webnotebook, watercolor palette, library books and a host of other junk. I decided to use mine as a travel journal. My sister will be celebrating her 1 year cancer free party next month and I plan of that being the first travel posting in the book. Like all Clairfontaine paper I find this book perfect for my various fountain pens. The format of this RoadBook for me at least is about right. I too would like dot grid, and maybe half again as many pages, but otherwise it makes for a pretty nice journal. I will have a report coming along later, but for now it is good to see these reports coming in.

  4. None of the photos after the motorcycle made it into my newsletter, but I was intrigued enough by that one to click through and look. Not sure if it was my mail server or what.

    I have to agree. I’d love Clairefontaine paper in more formats. So darned useful and the gloss doesn’t keep my fountain pen inks from performing beautifully. In face, the white paper brings out all those glorious colors.

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