Monday, March 14th, 2016

Colors of Rhodia



Rhodia is known for its orange and black but has expanded into many more colors with the Rhodiarama line of notebooks. Rhodiarama was so popular that eventually it led to more Rhodia notepads and notebooks in additional colors.

Rhodiarama colors

This year we introduced the ColoR Premium Notepad which is the R Pad with its soft cover and 90g paper in 8 additional colors.


We also have new Rhodiarama Soft Cover Notebooks that are slim, flexible and lays flat with all the extra trimmings you expect. This new notebook is available in the original 15 colors plus a new silver look.


Last but not least we have added a bit of color to our popular notepad holders. The N. 12 size is now available in orange, black and 14 other colors.


Which item is your favorite? What additional color would you like to see?

9 thoughts on “Colors of Rhodia

  1. Hi Kathi thank you for your comment. I hope we bring color to the classic line of Rhodia notepads someday! It currently is not in production but I think France might take a look into it because of the success of the color in the premium collections.

  2. I really like the colors you’ve chosen. Especially the 3 shades of brown! I guess a darker green wouldn’t go amiss but the anise is unusual and very pretty. Any chance of bringing these colors to the #16 pad holder? The A5 is my go to size. (Although orange is awesome!)

  3. @Sunny : Shame on me ;). I though have a pad#12 Ice version, very eyes catching…, and didn’t notice the other products.

  4. Yes! You can find the Rhodiarama hardcover notebooks, ColoR premium notepads and the color pad holders at your favorite shops online and the soft cover journal should arrive at retailers soon.

  5. Not really a comment, neither a suggestion, but there is no white. This said, I will probably never buy a white one, as it is a dirt magnet, but could some people consider this as a “serious” issue ?
    I’m just curious : any reason why Rhodia don’t offer white covers?

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