Monday, January 25th, 2016

Goodbye Jonas


This would have been handy!
This would have been handy!

I hope everyone on the east coast was warm and safe this weekend as Winter Storm Jonas (who names these storms?) took no prisoners as it blanketed some states with over 30 inches of snow. Here in New York City we saw as much as 30 inches at JFK airport! When such a storm hits and you’re stuck at home it does give you some time to maybe do something you’ve been putting off. Whether that’s finishing a book or starting a new writing project, everyone has their own way to pass the time (or in my case binge watching something on Netflix in-between shoveling).

How do you like to spend your time when stuck indoors?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Jonas

  1. It’s almost as if they do not want us to take these storms seriously! As long as a storm isn’t deadly (and I’m sorry for the people who do have their lives greatly affected by storms) it’s a great excuse to stay inside!

  2. Honestly, whoever is naming these storms should make them at least a bit more threatening-sounding. Perhaps name them after villainous characters (“We have our new storm, He Who Shall Not Be Named, coming into the coast on a tangent”) instead of such kind-sounding names.

    Anyhow, usually during a storm of sorts I find myself drawing or working on a painting. I like storms for that reason, how they force me inside from the usual busy day and allow me to get back to what I enjoy. (:

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