Monday, December 14th, 2015

How to remember dreams



I don’t know the last time I’ve successfully remembered a dream. I usually can only remember glimpse or have a vague idea about it. Which is a shame because dreams can be wonderful (or absolutely terrifying!) to think about. Why do we dream at all?

I’ve heard of people keeping dream journals. Something you keep right beside you so in the morning, before you can forget, you can jot it down. I always forget to write down my dreams and then it’s lost forever. How have you successfully kept a dream journal?

4 thoughts on “How to remember dreams

  1. I usually go straight to a typewriter or the Day One app on iOS / Mac. I do like to hand write, but I need to get the dream written fast as possible before it all retreats beyond the reach of conscious recall, and for that I need keys.

    Sometimes, if I wake up from a dream and it’s not time to get up, I’ll repeat a summary of it to myself and 9 times out of 10 I’ll at least remember the summary next morning.

    I also have PTSD, but I’ve found this to be a way in part to take control of my dreams, to let the demons know I am watching and they don’t have free reign anywhere. Overall it is working, but I know it’s an intensely personal and idiosyncratic process for each of us.

  2. I have heard of other people keeping a dream journal but I never have. I have PTSD. I do not wish to remember most of my dreams, especially on bad nights.

  3. I’ve recently just found a dream journal I had started back in August (shows how much I kept tabs with it). I had started writing dreams down to continue to remember them but then forgot to write them down as well. I guess since New Year’s is coming up, I’ll make that a resolution of mine haha

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