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Rhodia Fan Profile: Chris J


RD: Please tell us a little about yourself.

CJ: I like to think of myself a Jack of all trades kinda guy, knowing a little about a lot of things, most useful, some not. I have worked in the communication industry for over 35 years, I have watched it transition from a phone in every home to a smart phone in every pocket. Yet the pen and paper world lives on, even flourishing some would say. I journal, write notes, draw diagrams, sketch ideas, write my grocery lists, write notes on cards I even will write a letter or two. I truly wish I had a talent of some sort, anything really, I can’t sing or dance, can’t artfully reproduce anything not even a rock. I do however draw a mean stick figure next to their stick house! I enjoy camping, scuba diving, household repairs and improvements, a good book, spending time with family and friends, good food and good gin. Like I said, I’m just a normal guy, who also enjoys the written word. I have no blog or website, I don’t involve myself with any social media, and my preferred form of communication is talking face to face. In the absence of talking I will write you a letter, I’m slow but will eventually get my message to you.

RD: How and when did you discover Rhodia products?

CJ: A few years ago, after rekindling my fascination with fountain pens I was a bit disappointed by their performance, feel, line bleeding and just overall ability to create a smooth consistent line. I stumbled upon a fountain pen forum only to discover a whole section just about paper! As I had tossed all my old ballpoint pens I was hoping this would be an answer to the lackluster pen performance I was experiencing. Little did I realize the dizzying array of paper choices that were available, guaranteed to make my pen sing the praises of whatever ink happen to be loaded in them that week. After a sample package, a few recommendations by sales clerks, mindless grabbing of small notebooks, I quite literally picked up a Rhodia graph pad on a whim as I needed something to sketch on that day. The hook was set.

At work

RD: Which are your favorite Rhodia products?

CJ: My most used/favorite Rhodia products are the A5 spiral bound dot graph pad and the A5 side stapled lined notebook.

Pad in case

RD: Do you use then in any way that is specific to your job?

CJ: My Rhodia pads are not job specific so to speak, but they do make my job easier to perform. My dot pad makes it quite easy for me to explain a new design or diagram I am trying to convey to someone. My lined, side stapled notebooks enable me to quickly jot down notes from a meeting or from a field visit.

RD: Does using Rhodia products make your job easier in any way?

CJ: The quality of the paper lets me get very detailed without the fear of lines bleeding into one another while using a fine or extra fine nib. In the field I find the paper can withstand a fair amount of rain without turning to mush.

RD: Pencil, pen, or other? Favorites?

CJ: Fountain pens are my weapon of choice; I use a Lamy with an extra fine or fine nib for work in the field. When at my desk I will reach for a vintage fountain pen with a NOS nib in the fine range, vintage nibs tend to be a very personal choice. My favorite pen will depend if I’m journaling, note taking or fine line drawing (I use that word lightly).


RD: Where do you regularly purchase Rhodia products?

CJ: I have a local stationary, card, nick knack shop that carries some Rhodia products, actually the place that I bought my first Rhodia pad. They carry a small limited selection of Rhodia products. Otherwise my addiction is feed by Goulet Pens, a company known for their outstanding customer service and quality products, much like you are known for.

RD: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?

CJ: I would like to see a side stapled notebook with more pages and all the pages perforated. One of reasons I use your lined products is the line spacing fits my writing style perfectly, perhaps offer a few different sizes of line spacing?
P.S. I would have shown the contents of the notebooks, but they contain the ranting of a madman. And the Dot Pad has work issues in them, super secret stuff, you know.

Many thanks to Chris for being featured on the blog today. If you would like to be in a Fan Profile here on Rhodia Drive, email

3 thoughts on “Rhodia Fan Profile: Chris J

  1. The notebook is from Tactical Tailor, the showroom is in the town where I work so I was able to stop in and see what fits. I added the paracord knot, the knife is a Kershaw and the pen is an older Schrade tactical fountain.

  2. Nice profile, once again.
    I was just wondering what type of folder Chris had. The one with the paracord knot and the knife in the left pocket ;)
    I seems to perfectly fit the Rhodia note book.

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