Thursday, December 10th, 2015

The Paper Project – Week #24 – Rhodia Mouse Pads



If you do a lot of online research, the Rhodia Mouse Pad is a great tool.  No need to hunt around for something to write on–use the Mouse Pad!  (In France, it’s called the “Clic Bloc.)

The smooth surface of the pad works for both mouse and pen. Here’s a closer look at this product.

If you are interesting in participating in this Paper Project please sign up here. We will pick 30 lucky people to get a Mouse Pad.  As always, we appreciate your comments, feedback and reviews.

This raffle will close on Friday, December 18th.

5 thoughts on “The Paper Project – Week #24 – Rhodia Mouse Pads

  1. I received a Rhodia Mouse Pad I courtesy of ‘the paper project’ and I have been using it for quite some time now and while I will admit I was a bit skeptical about the product before using it however in the month and a half that I have been using it I have come to really come to like my “Rhodia Mouse pad Note pad.” Overall I have found the Mouse pad Note pad to be a well thought out product it is not to big or too small it is almost the same size as the mousepad that it replaced on my desk. I also like that Mouse pad Note pad has a nonslip backing just like the mousepad it replaced additionally I also like that the five line (block) to the inch graph paper lining is is slightly subdued. The only thing I would change on the Mouse pad Note pad is that instead of gluing the edges of the pad down on three sides I would of liked if the forth side to be glued down partially. I will admit that for most people this change would not needed but since I have been using the Mouse pad Note pad I have only used four sheets. As for what would be my preferred retail package size for the Mouse pad Note pad it would be two (2) per pack. My reasoning for this is because at home I doubt that I would use more that one every three or four months and at work we are given a $75 every six months for “personal office supplies” so a package more than 2 or three would likely blow my office supply budget. I also think that another way to market the Mouse pad Note pad would to bundle it with another Rhodia product such as a No.8, No.16 or No.19 pad or a combination their of.

  2. First, Thanks for the whole pad. What a treat. I love paper mouse pads. The non-skid back holds the pad in place on my slick keyboard/mouse extender. The mouse glides and I like the feel of paper and not a plastic pad on my fingers. So far the pad has held up well under normal use. Some paper mouse pads create fibers that can hinder mouse performance but not this paper. It is smooth. I tried several inks, and to my surprise, the Sharpie did not bleed through as much as it did on other papers. (not that you would use a sharpie but if you do, it does not bleed through when writing. I ;love these pads and they perform much better than others I have received as give-aways. Of course I would expect nothing less from Rhodia. Classy style and premium performance.

  3. Really loved the mouse pad and very helpful when jotting down notes at the computer. If offered online, I would buy 2 at a time (just to have a backup!). I can see the mouse pad near the notebooks in store, but I can also see them near the other mousepads. If near the other mousepads, it would definitely catch my eye.

  4. 1. If Mouse Pads were offered online, would you buy 1, 2, 3 or 5 at a time?

    If there was a lower price per unit when buying a bundle, then I’m sure I would buy more at once. Three pad bundles seem like a good size. I can’t imagine buying more than that at a time for personal use.

    2. Where would Mouse Pads catch your eye in the store where you buy Rhodia products?

    I think a point of purchase display would help introduce the idea of this crossover product to people that aren’t aware of it. A stack of Rhodia clic blocs in a cardboard stand with a representation of a mouse laying on the top pad to attract attention. As customers pull out the pads the “mouse” would slide down so that it’s always on top.

    As far as shelf placement, I’m not sure. I do feel like displaying them flat would help since that’s the position people will use them in and it lets buyers see the mouse on the cover. The closest Rhodia dealer to me uses a rotating display with most items sideways. The clic bloc just looks like any other pad in that case.

    The quality of the the clic bloc is exemplary as with any Rhodia product. The nonslip back is a great feature. The only difference I could see is using the dot grid paper instead.

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