Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Paginated Notebooks



We are going to bring in a new paginated notebook by Clairefontaine next year called “My essential”. It will have 2 inside pockets, a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and 96 lined sheets as well as 8 table of content pages in the front and 8 micro-perforated pages in the back. It will have the same covers as the Basics line of notebooks by Clairefontaine.



I’m excited to try these out. They feel nice in your hand and it will be handy with the paginated pages for the novel I’ll pretend to write! The “My essential” will be available in A5 6 x 8 1/4″ in 5 colors – tan, black, blue, green and red.


How do you use a paginated notebook?

7 thoughts on “Paginated Notebooks

  1. I will have to look at the new paginated notebooks as I am searching for a replacement for the top spiral-bound Steno notepads I currently use. The Steno notepads are very cheap at the PX, but they do not survive in an old soldier’s bag. The wire spiro gets smashed, and the ends come out, creating a sharp and dangerous hazard in my bag, poking through the bag and scratching my lap top’s cover. I have a Webbie which I love but they are pricey. I hope the paginated notebooks are a little cheaper.

  2. Hope this is successful?
    I have filled many Leuchies But I have never really benefitted from the page numbers or TOC. I’m just not OCD enough.

  3. I’m so excited by this announcement! I’ve been looking for an alternative to the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks (the pocket size ones I currently use for a daily journal and the A5 size for a sketchbook/jot book) for quite some time now. While I love all the little extras–especially the pocket aspect and the DIY Table of Contents– but their paper just isn’t as nice as Rhodia paper. I’d love to see how the Clairefontaine pages compare to the Leuchtturm. Any chance there are options for dot grids? I love to sketch and write in my journals. Lines interrupt the drawings, but blank pages make writing in a straight line an annoyance for slanted writers like me.

  4. There is a box that is the same size as the lines for titles or dates perhaps. I will update the post with a photo of it so you can see for yourself!

  5. yay! i love paginated books. what does the top of each regular page look like? is it plain rule (pretty please i hope so?)

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