Friday, November 27th, 2015

Rhodia Fan Profile: Carla V


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RD: Please tell us a little about yourself.
CV: I’m a freelance writer living in the SF Bay Area with my husband and two teenaged kids. I’m a native San Franciscan but I’ve also lived in Austin and San Diego.

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RD: How and when did you discover Rhodia products?
CV: I’ve always liked good, unique pens but didn’t pay close attention to paper. However, in the last couple of years that I’ve followed fountain pen aficionados on social media I noticed the raves about Rhodia products so I tried my first notebook sometime last year. Immediately, I saw how the inks popped off the page without the feathering so common in other papers. Plus, I love the variety of styles and sizes.

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RD: Does using Rhodia products make your job easier?
CV: I write client blogs and social media posts by computer. But I take pleasure in handwriting essays and fiction using my fountain pens and later type them into my computer. For some reason, I’m less critical of myself when I handwrite vs. typewriting so it helps me stay focused on what’s next and not whether it’s perfect. I use the yellow Webnotebook for my essays because the pages are fountain pen friendly and I can carry it in my tote bag or backpack without worrying that the pages will be damaged since the cover and elastic keeps it secure. I use a variety of pens (ballpoint, gel, and fountain pens). But for longer writing sessions I turn to my lighter fountain pens like the Kaweco Sport or TSWBI Mini.

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RD: Which are your favorite Rhodia products?
CV: Definitely the Webbies, but I also keep the 2×3” notepads by my bedside to write any ideas or problems that occur to me while trying to sleep. Trapping them in my notepads lets me get to sleep faster.

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RD: Pencil, pen or other? Favorites?
CV: I prefer fountain pens but I have a few ballpoints that I really like too. My collection of pens and ink continues to grow. I just recently bought a 1970’s Lady Sheaffer at the SF Pen Show, which is slim and cool to the touch and an efficient little writer. But one of my favorite pens in general is a red Caran D’ache ballpoint with black ink.

RD: Is there any way we could improve on your favorite product?
CV: Can’t think of an improvement but I’d love to see a fountain-pen friendly index card from Rhodia.

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