Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

When You Can’t Find What You Want



Rhodia fans will sometimes write to us for help in finding a product they want, but cannot locate it close to home or online.  We try to put them in touch with a retailer, or ask one of our retailers to please sell it online.

One recent request was for a Rhodia Ice A5 side-stapled notebook with graph paper (Ref. 119181).  We started to import these products this summer, after we got a good reception at the stationery and gift show.  They will be in our 2016 catalog.

People will also write to us about products they have seen on the French Rhodia website.  We import many–but not all–of the products Rhodia makes.  If we get enough requests from fans we will bring the product(s) over for a show or two and see what reception we get from retail buyers.  If there is interest, we usually bring it in.

Is it possible to special order products from France that we don’t carry?  Yes–with some stiff caveats.

The order cannot be for one or two products–but the minimum that France requires for export.  That usually adds up to several hundred dollars or multiple case packs of an item.  The products need to be prepaid, the shipping prepaid, and the order cannot be cancelled or products returned.  Finally, the special orders are shipped with our regular containers, so the products may not arrive for 8-12 weeks.

Please continue to tell us what you want.  Your voice counts.  Thanks.



5 thoughts on “When You Can’t Find What You Want

  1. Hi Philip,
    First, I am very sorry that you did not receive a response from the Quo Vadis site. In the future, please feel free to write to me directly at
    In answer to your question: The Space 17 as an Exacompta product continued to have the tabbed A-Z address book and not the Favorites/Notes insert which so many Quo Vadis users seem to hate. Starting next year, the address pages will be bound in the Space 17 and not added as an insert. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Karen

  2. I have a couple of questions like this I’ve asked through the contact form on the Quo Vadis site and never gotten an answer.

    First, I’ve used the Space 17 for a couple of years but neither of mine have had the “Attached address book” that is mentioned on the product page. Was this changed at some point or am I just missing something? Second, what happened to the “Favorites/Notes Insert?” I notice that since the last time I asked it has been replaced with the “A-Z Address Book Insert.”

  3. Greg, the catalog isn’t complete so I don’t know for sure. Anyway, if they don’t make the cut, I will ask for samples to take to some of our trade shows, and hopefully there will be some interest in them.

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