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I can not write on anything that is not flat. It’s always something that has bothered me. When given a choice, wirebound is the only way to go but recently I’ve used more sewn bound notebooks. It lays relatively flat (wirebound is still perfectly flat) and unlike spiral notebooks, which can sometimes be very plain, I can find something a little more pleasing to the eyes and it never snags!

What is your preference? Wirebound? Staplebound? Side or top?

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4 thoughts on “Bound

  1. I strongly prefer wirebound and would love to see a wirebound Rhodia option with blank paper.

    I sit in a lot of meetings and like to write while holding the pad in my hand, and the wirebound format works great for that use case because I can hold the pad like a tablet. The regular Rhodia pads don’t work as well in a business setting because I often have to flip to a specific page very quickly and it’s to slow to flip vertically.

    Lastly, the blank pages are the best for versatility – I can mock things up freely and also write notes in various sizes.

    Thanks for listening!

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