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Vellum Paper


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We get a lot of questions here at Rhodia Drive regarding how Rhodia is made, what kind of material is used and is everything natural. We received a question recently about whether or not Rhodia paper was made from animal hide because it’s called vellum paper. The answer is no! Rhodia uses paper from the Clairefontaine mill which produces the fine paper using pulp and wood by-products from sustainable forests, the paper is chlorine-free because it is not bleached like other papers, and natural inks are added to the paper making process that are water-based and made from vegetable oil pigments.

The Clairefontaine Mill
The Clairefontaine Mill

Clairefontaine is the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its own products which gives it exceptional control over the quality and it’s impact on the environment. You can read more about Clairefontaine’s commitment to the environment here.

Now why is it called vellum paper? Because it is, technically. Modern vellum paper no longer uses animal hides but Clairefontaine continues to produce high quality paper that matches the smoothness and archival properties of vellum papers of the past. This is why Rhodia uses Clairefontaine paper in all of its products! Use Rhodia with peace of mind.

We love answering questions like this. If you have a question of your own send them in and we’ll try to answer them here again sometime. You can send your question in at

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  1. “Clairefontaine is the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its own products”

    That may be true for general office stationery, but not for the general market. Canson/Arches makes its own highly esteemed art paper (and has been in business for far, far longer than Clairefontaine), as do Arjomari, Hahnemûhle and others.

    One point of terminology – many Americans mistakenly think of “vellum” as tracing paper, which can create confusion.

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