Monday, October 26th, 2015

Rhodia Halloween



Rhodia always reminds me of Halloween, with it’s iconic orange and black covers, and with the holiday being only a few days away let’s share some spooky (spooooooooooky) stories.

I’m a big urban legend fan and I think I’ve read just about every one there is out there. We all know it’s made up, or at the most generous, exaggerated and stretched (kind of like those “based on a true story” moves) but it’s fun to think about and find the origin of some of the legends. One of my favorites is the Jersey Devil (fun fact: Karen’s favorite hockey team the New Jersey Devils was named after this urban legend when the team moved from Colorado to New Jersey). The description of the creature and the proximity to where I live makes it chilling to think about!

There are of course hundreds if not thousands of these type of stories. Which urban legend is your favorite?


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