Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

No. 8



One of the most unique Rhodia pads is the No. 8.  It is a long, skinny, top-stapled notepad.

The No. 8 is 3 x 8 1/4″ – or half the width of a No. 16 pad.  You can get them in black or orange, grid or lined, although orange grid is the most popular.

Based on fan feedback, we know they are used for shopping lists, to do lists, kitchen utility drawer notepads, waitstaff order pads, and tote bag jotters.

How do you use them?  Where do you keep them?

We will randomly pick a few people who comment to get a free No. 8 of their choice.


27 thoughts on “No. 8

  1. The Rhodia No. 8 pad is 3 x 8 1/4″ or half the width of a No. 16 pad both of which I always keep a one or two as “working pads” and at least one as back-up pad. The No. 8 pad size is also what is know as a reporter’s notepad because before micro tape recorders, Palm Pilots, PDA’s, “Slates”, Tablets, and Smartphones it was the size note pad reporters commonly carried for note taking. Just a FYI about the origins of the reporter’s notepad as told to me friend whose Grandfather, and Father who were both newspaper reporters. She said her Grandfather told her when he first became a reporter that there were no ready made long pads so it became popular to split steno pads in half. I have no way of validating this story but it sounds plausible so take it with a grain of salt.

    Back what I like about the pad in a nutshell it is the size. It is to me the perfect size for lists of all kinds and note taking. Beside it fits nicely inside my back pocket, jacket pocket or inside vest pocket along with my battered Parker 51 that I keep filled with real (Iron Gall) Blue Black ink normally old Parker or Waterman from the 60’s or 70’s I buy at pen shows or off ebay. Why IG Blue Black inks simple it dries fast and is water resistant. If their was one thing I could change about the pad is to have a slightly stiffer rear over but other than having a free lifetime supply of them I have no other ideas how to improve my favorite PPA (Personal Paper Assistant of Paper and Pen Assistant take you choice).

  2. I was one of the randomly picked. I love this little pad and will definitely be picking up some more. I love the paper quality, and the size. I thought it might be useful, but I like even more than I thought I might. Thanks Rhodia!

  3. I was one of the randomly picked. This is a great pad of paper. Same quality I’m used to for my FPs. I love this size because I have a pretty small desk at home and when I’m working on my laptop I don’t have enough room for an A5 also. But this is the perfect size while giving me more writing space than a small 3×4 or similar pad. I’ll definitely pick some of these up once finished.

  4. I was one of the randomly picked people to get a free No. 8 pad. I received it last week and I love it!! I love the size of the pad and the feel of the paper. Thanks Rhodia!

  5. This pad says grocery list. Groceries, why is this job never done?! And I can’t tell you how many times I stood in the store wondering what I did with my list, ugh!

  6. This is one of the most useful sizes, it fits in my pocket but is just wide enough to write real paragraphs and yet narrow enough to force me to organize topics, numbers and groceries in something resembling a list. And just supposing I need to write a formal letter while sitting in an airport lounge I can flip it on its side and write long lines of prose.

  7. I love the No. 8 for making lists as everyone else has said. One great use for me is jotting down bullet points to cover before a specific meeting with someone. If I know I’ve got 7 things to cover with my boss during our weekly meeting, they go on a No. 8 slip and get folded up in my pocket.

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