Monday, October 19th, 2015

Can You Keep a Secret?


We took a look at the new Rhodia products that are going to make the 2016 catalog last week so this week I want to share with you what we could potentially add on top of the great additions already.

There is a rumor that Rhodia is planning to introduce a thread bound collection of notebooks and we could not be more excited! While there’s nothing set in stone as of right now, what are your thoughts on thread bound notebooks- yay or nay?


I think it’s a nice alternative to the staple, cloth and wire bound we always see. Because of the nature of developing a new product this will most likely miss our 2016 catalog window but we’re hoping for a mid year announcement.

Here in the U.S. we are kicking around the idea of creating limited edition Rhodia pads with our customization module for special occasions such as the Lunar New Year or the U.S. Cities collections. It could be a fun item to add to your collection!

Mock up
Mock up

A couple of quick hitters:

  • The Reverse Book is a popular item here due to the versatility of the book and the good size, not too big not too small, but it only comes in graph. Would anyone like a dotGrid version?
  • I love the iconic pale violet lines in the orange and black notepads but there’s something about the light grey lines in the Ice edition that speaks to me. I think an A5 wirebound notebook with the Ice cover and light grey lines would be perfect.
  • The 80th Anniversary Gift Set was a very nice package with the special vintage design Rhodia N. 16 pad and the matching pencil. I’m hoping for more in that similar fashion. I’ve seen some of the old Rhodia notepad cover designs and a lot them are very interesting and was ahead of its time! I know taglines can be cliché but Rhodia really has been a modern notebook since 1934.

As more information comes out of France for new products I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

Until next time.

7 thoughts on “Can You Keep a Secret?

  1. Thread-bound dot grid would be amazing! So would an ice A5.

    The Lunar New Year mockup above is kind of underwhelming. I’d personally love to see special editions that make the most of the entire cover space, like this:,204,203,200_.jpg

    Perhaps Rhodia could get a guaranteed return on the idea by doing a subscription? Look at the following Field Notes Brand COLORS has and apply the idea to Rhodia’s offerings. :)

  2. What is the “reverse book?” Can you provide a link. A thread-bound version could be nice as long as it’s not just for lined paper. I prefer dot grid or blank.

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