Monday, October 5th, 2015

Long Time, Some Time



Hi everyone! Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Sunny. If you’ve followed this blog for the past few years you may have seen me post something here and there before but, now that the excellent Stephanie is moving on to bigger and better things, you’ll be seeing me more and more (please be gentle)!

I am going to be here, in this space, every Monday and I thought I would take the time out to tell you all a little about myself and hopefully get to know some of you as well.

I’ve been at Exaclair for over 3 years now. Before starting here, I had no idea what a world paper and inks was like (or how big that world really was) but after spending a lot of time around great products I am happy to be enlightened. As a younger person I am of course all over the newest tech and apps but have learned to appreciate and see the importance of writing and how a quality writing experience can influence and improve what you’re working on.

So, what you can expect out of this Monday column is a mix of topics. I’ll touch on new and potential products, talk about some of my favorite items, share some of wonderful photos that’s all across the web and most importantly engage with all of you here.

Buckle up! Because we’re going on a drive (bad pun, I’ll see myself out)…

Until next time.


8 thoughts on “Long Time, Some Time

  1. Welcome, Sunny!!! Nice to hear new insights are being added to this blog. Rhodia products forever!!!

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