Friday, October 2nd, 2015

The Paper Project: Week 23 – No. 18 “R” Notepads


The paper sampling for October is one blank/one lined sheet of a No. 18 Rhodia “R” notepad. The “R” is part of Rhodia’s premium series of 90g smooth ivory paper. The size of the sheets is 8 1/4 x 11 3/4.”

If you have been thinking about trying an “R” pad but would like to sample the paper first….here is your opportunity! Please sign up via the link to the Google Doc provided.  All information is confidential.

We would like to hear your feedback on this paper. You are always welcome to write to us directly; or better still, comment on this post so other people can hear what you have to say.

We have 70 sets to give away, so I suggest you sign up quickly.  We will close this offer on Friday, October 17th, or whenever we fill up.  I will notify the winners via email.

As always, thank you for your participation and valuable insights.

25 thoughts on “The Paper Project: Week 23 – No. 18 “R” Notepads

  1. I finally used the second sheet. I wrote a letter to my father on the first one right away. It took a few months for him to reply, then it took me a few months to reply with the second sheet.

    It’s definitely a wonderful paper to write on. This letter I just wrote was with an extremely scratchy gift shop dip pen and I could still tell it’s smooth. It feels good in the hand, the color is great, I like this sort of ivory, and it’s a pleasure to write on. What more can someone ask for?

    On the lined one I was perfectly happy with the lines.

    It has a good thickness for writing on the back, unless you put a light behind it. Held up to the light it can be seen through easily, but just flipping over on my desk I can’t see what I wrote on the other side.

    One flaw found when using aforementioned very scratchy dip pen is with a freshly dipped pen and a scratchier stroke the ink does bleed through.

    Overall, quite like it. I think it’s excellent stationery as individual sheets and if it were all bound I think I’d like it best as some sort of journal. The smoothness and the ivory color just don’t feel like work notes to me.

  2. This is really a fine paper! It’s great for writing or in my case for sketching and keeping field notes. I used the tools I normally use and the paper responded with some surprises. I Used a Micron .03., a Slicci .23, and two variety of Pilot C Tec, the .03 and .04 and all moved smoothly across the cream surface. Easy to make marks. However, when the ink dried it was more a gray than black. Maybe the ink is old? This wasn’t the case with the Uni-Ball Signo .28 which remained black and when I added a light wash of watercolor the black remained perfect and didn’t run or smear. I liked that quality and would use the paper for watercolor enhanced sketches.
    I also used two of my pens, the Jinhao and the Preppy, on the paper. Beautiful results! The Jinhao tends to go on “wet” but the paper wasn’t overcome by it. Very little bleed, stays very black, and with very little see-through. The Preppy responded nicely. Excellent black, some hardly noticeable fuzziness, and again, very little see-through.
    Overall: I was very impressed with the smoothness of the writing experience, no dragging of the writing tip, and I loved how the black of the ink stood out, just wonderful for pen and ink sketches.
    Thanks for letting me test the paper. Now to get my hands on a pad of it! Also thanks for providing consistently excellent products! Hope to participate in the future.
    Frank B

  3. The paper is beautiful in look and touch. I wrote sample sentences with lots of different pens/inks. While I didn’t conduct direct comparisons, it appeared to me that the various nib sizes were distinguishable better in the writing on RhodiaR than on any other paper I have used.

  4. This paper feels beautiful. Smooth finish. My fountain glided across the paper. I like the thickness, sturdy.

  5. This paper is fantastic for fountain pens. I used two Lamy Samaris with medium nibs, one with Apache Sunset the other with Emerald of Chivor. In both cases, the paper brought out the best in both inks. The Chivor really sparkles, and the red, green, and blue in it presented nicely. The Apache Sunset looks fantastic on this paper. It lets the full range of the ink’s colors come out: nice orange, deep red, and some yellow. Moreover, everyone I show this paper too loves, and I mean LOVES, how the paper feels. It’s incredibly smooth. I highly recommend it for every day use and especially for fountain pen use.

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