Friday, October 2nd, 2015

The Paper Project: Week 23 – No. 18 “R” Notepads


The paper sampling for October is one blank/one lined sheet of a No. 18 Rhodia “R” notepad. The “R” is part of Rhodia’s premium series of 90g smooth ivory paper. The size of the sheets is 8 1/4 x 11 3/4.”

If you have been thinking about trying an “R” pad but would like to sample the paper first….here is your opportunity! Please sign up via the link to the Google Doc provided.  All information is confidential.

We would like to hear your feedback on this paper. You are always welcome to write to us directly; or better still, comment on this post so other people can hear what you have to say.

We have 70 sets to give away, so I suggest you sign up quickly.  We will close this offer on Friday, October 17th, or whenever we fill up.  I will notify the winners via email.

As always, thank you for your participation and valuable insights.

25 thoughts on “The Paper Project: Week 23 – No. 18 “R” Notepads

  1. I love this paper. I’ve been a Rhodia user for about a year, but this is my first experience with the “R” paper. Whatever you like about the standard Rhodia paper, bump it up a notch. I tested it with my Lamy 2000, extra fine nib, using Aurora black. Everything performed like a dream. I didn’t notice any difference in feel between the unlined and lined. Both are super smooth. If you haven’t tried the premium paper yet, give it a shot. My next purchase will definitely be from the premium line.

  2. I’ll echo what’s been said: such wonderful paper to write on. I always love Rhodia’s paper for my fountain pens and these are right in line with the rest. High quality smooth paper that is a joy to write on and in a league all its own. I’ll be picking up more of this paper.

  3. No one in my family understands how excited I can get over paper. The paper is extremely smooth and I almost didn’t want to write on it. However, I couldn’t wait, when I wrote on it with a fountain pen, I must say it was easy for the upward strokes. Loved the paper and for sure will be buying some. Thanks.

  4. Karen, thank you for sending the two sheets. It’s a pleasure to write on this paper. One thing that I was particularly interested in was bleed-through with my fountain pen. I typically use a 1.1 nib, and am fond of Noodler’s Black Eel ink, which lays down smooth and dark. There were no signs of bleed-through with this paper. I also tested a Scheaffer ball point pen on this paper as well, and it performed beautifully.

  5. Thank you so much for sending this wonderful paper! I’m a fountain pen and dip pen user and I tried to put this paper (“R”) through some short, but rigorous tests. First impressions of the R paper was that it seems only slightly thicker, or is it a little stiffer (?), than Rodia dot grid paper. Both the R and Rodia dot grid have a very smooth finish, which I love for fountain pen and dip pen work.

    First the fountain pen: I used a Pilot Falcon (semi-flex nib) with pelikan tanzanite ink. On regular Rodia dot grid paper, this pen/ink performs really well. However, on the R, the ink tended to feather on the thicker down strokes. It’s not bad, and doesn’t happen all the time, but every once in a while you’ll see a tiny fiber filled with ink shooting from my letter. This does not happen if I don’t flex the nib. But reading the words on the ivory color R paper was quite nice. Much easier on the eyes than the white dot grid paper. The ink color seemed to be a bit more saturated on the R paper vs. the regular dot grid paper, but that could be because of the ivory color. No bleed through on either the R or regular dot grid papers, and I really tried. Filling in rail-roads was also a none issue. Other papers will pulp-up when filling in rail-roads, but the R and regular dot grid were superb.

    Second the dip pen: I went right at this paper with a Leonardt ef Principle nib and the Noodlers Bay State Blue ink (modified with a bit of Gum Arabic). Usually, the Bay State Blue is completely unusable on most paper. Bay State Blue is incredible intense and saturated, and when it’s loaded on the Leonardt ef nib, it usually bleeds right through paper or feathers like watercolors. On regular Rodia dot grid, this ink/nib combo works very well, although the colors are a bit on the fainter side with only a little bit of shading on the down strokes. But the colors on the R paper are super rich, intense shading, and wonderful to look at. Despite some mild feathering (as with the dip pen above) I think this paper works really well, and I will just be more careful in the future. No pulping issues with filling in rail-roads. Good hair-lines on up-strokes, and I wasn’t nervous at all about my nib catching (it happened only once). The ink did not bleed through the paper (maybe on occasion where I tried to make it bleed). Over all a fantastic paper. Dry times are shorter on the R paper than the regular dot grid, which is nice.

    I tried pencils and a Pilot Hi-Tech-C, and both worked really well. No issues. I would definitely buy this paper and recommend it to all my friends. Thanks again for sending the paper!

  6. I have been a big fan of the R for years but I don’t know how I missed the blank paged. I didn’t even know they existed. Of course, they will be my on next Rhodia purchase. Supreme paper, it just doesn’t get any better than this! My writing preference are fine pens with a Montblanc (fineliner) or Waterman (felt tip) refill.

  7. I used fountain pens, pencils (mechanical and wood case), ballpoint, rollerball and gel ink pens on this paper. The only writing utensils that seemed to have issue were the Pilot Precise and Pilot Hi-Tec C — the ink didn’t lay down as true as it does on other paper. All pencils tested performed surprisingly well given how little tooth this paper has. Not that I use them frequently, but the Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marker I used did show through significantly on the back side of the page.

    Overall, this is another wonderful Rhodia product! The ivory color is subtle, yet there, and the smoothness of this paper is tough to rival. Thank you for the samples!

  8. I received the paper yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it. My first reaction was that that the paper was very smooth and I almost didn’t feel like writing on it. Like the comments above I feel that the paper would be perfect as correspondence paper. All the different pens and pencils that I tried on the paper flowed over the paper smoothly and it was a very comfortable writing experience. You can definitely tell that this is premium paper and I will most likely be buying one of these notepads.

  9. Both sheets are divine! The paper is silky smooth. They performed so well I used only half so I could save the rest for later. Moleskine as always should be jealous. But really they aren’t in the same league.

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