Monday, September 28th, 2015

The Paper Project: Feedback on 3 Different Exaclair Papers



In Week 12 of The Paper Project, we included: 1 blank sheet from each of the 6×8″ Clairefontaine Graf it and Triomphe pads, and 1 blank sheet from the the 4 1⁄4 x 7 1⁄4″ Exacompta FAF pad

Jane the Writer said: And the winner is….Clairefontaine GraF it! “Hands down, my favorite among the three samples was the Clairefontaine GraF it, both for its 90g’s of heft, but also for its tooth, which really seemed to draw the ink into the paper and hold it there in clean, bold (but not too bold) lines.”

Brian Hoch said: I loved the two Clairefontaine papers. The Triomphe paper was beautifully pure white and smooth as glass. I plan on using Triomphe for all of my correspondence going forward. The GraF it was a bit toothier and felt durable and dependable. I got the feeling it would happily handle whatever I throw at it.

I enjoyed the Excompta FAF paper too. However, it was thin and while it handled multiple pens and inks it’s thinness made me constantly check that I wasn’t bleeding through. I got a little show through, but overall it surprised me with how well it handled based on how flimsy it feels. For a desktop pad though I think it would be pretty good for taking phone notes, etc. For more common use I think the thin feel to it would make me to nervous, though.

Overall, I will be buying plenty of Triomphe, I may pick up a GraF it pad and I’d be happy to own a Excompta FAF Pad too.”

Theresa J said: “I love the feel of both the Clairefontaine papers, the weight is really nice, it feels silky to my hand and when I wrote on it. Lovely! The Exacompta paper, being a lighter weight felt a bit flimsy for my taste.

I tested with a Flair felt tip pen, a Uniball Signo micro and a 207, a Sharpie pen, medium point and a regular pencil. First off, I loved the way my rollerball pens seemed to glide across these papers. My felt tip pen and the Sharpie pen had a bit of grab, so not as smooth.

I did however appreciate that there is very little ghosting with all of the pens I tested. This is fabulous if you are a journaler that likes to write on both sides of the paper.”

Joyce said: “I received samples of the Excompta FAF Pad, the Clairefontaine Triomphe, and the Triomphe Graf it…blank.

I’ve never tried to review paper before, so won’t say too much here except that I love the feel of the two samples of Triomphe. Both of them feel like they would be strong enough to do any kind of mixed media color work…acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, whatever.The Graf it feels just a wee bit rougher than the other Triomphe, but even so, it’s basically smooth. My favorite of the three, tho, is the smaller and thinner FAF Pad. It is also very smooth, and would be great to have on my desk on its holder. Easy pages to write on and then tear off to keep with me, such as grocery lists.”

Jeff Dickerson said: “Great sketching papers. 60# too light for me but the Clairefontaine GraF it has a great feel and weight.. The finish is great and no bleed through and my ballpoint did not leave an impression on the backside.”

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