Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Pen and Paper Forums: Do you talk back?



Along my path from there to here, I once belonged to a group on the photo sharing website Flickr called “What’s in Your Bag”. It’s where people would empty the contents of their purses or bags, take pictures, then share with the world. This is where I first started to notice what notebooks and pens people were carrying.

Not long after purchasing my first fountain pen, (the Red Lamy Safari shown above) I joined the Fountain Pen Network and began participating in their online forums to discuss fountain pens, inks, and the best papers to use with them.

Do you participate in any online forums to discuss your favorite writing supplies? The links below are to a few other forums and communities both old and new where people are chatting about pens, pencils, paper, and ink. Know of any others? Let us know in the comments below.

Fountain Pen Geeks
The Fountain Pen Board
Fountain Pen Classifieds
The Fountain Pen Community
Pens and Writing Instruments at Watchuseek

The Zoss List

On Reddit: Fountain PensFor the Love of PensPencilsStationeryNotebooks,

Massdrop: Check out their Writing Community where discussions take place and subsequent group purchases are offered for various writing instruments, inks, and stationery products. (They are currently running a group purchase on a 3-pack of J. Herbin 1670 inks and another one for a 6-pack of 8×11″ Rhodia Notepads.)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Pen and Paper Forums: Do you talk back?

  1. Well, I have was once very active on the fora. Began on Pentrace and moved to now-defunct Rambling Snail then to FPN. Then I decided I had to stop talking and start writing. I admit that I often miss talking about pens and paper, however. Recently stumbled into a pen fanatic through an unrelated online business (I could tell that an invoice was signed in FP ink with an italic nib). Had a momentary rush as we exchanged a handful of “yes, fountain pens are the best” emails. Ultimately, I can’t see myself getting caught up in the talk again, at least not long term. Too much like an addiction. Made some good friends there, though.

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