Thursday, September 10th, 2015

The Art of Nature Journaling



A nature journal is one where you record personal experiences of your time spent in nature. You might write about the way a place looks or feels; “a warm breeze blew gently through the leaves of the trees” or, “the creek wound its way around several large rocks worn smooth over time by the gently bubbling water.” You can also write about the sounds you hear; “A bluejay calling in the distance, crickets chirping, a squirrel rustling amongst the underbrush” or about the colors around you – “the sun faded away in glorious hues of pink, lilac, purple and indigo.”

You can also fill the pages with simple sketches of  local wildflowers, or of the local wildlife. The overall idea is that you give yourself the opportunity to grow closer to your environment.

Do you keep a nature journal? 

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One thought on “The Art of Nature Journaling

  1. I personally have a nature journal, or something close to that at least.
    I like to write poems in it when I’m outside and take a small flower or leaf and keep it in between the pages. Most times when I do take a leaf or flower, I draw it with whatever is written. Or I will draw an animal I see, such as a squirrel or even a tiny ant.

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