Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

2016 Catalog – New Rhodia Products?


We will start work on our 2016 catalog next month.  It will be released at the end of December.

A number of Rhodia fans have requested A4 Webnotebooks.  They are available in lined, dot grid and blank.  Dot grid seems to inspire the most interest.

Are there any other Rhodia products you would like to see offered in the U.S.?  Please have a look at Rhodia’s main site in France and let us know.

Note:  we can suggest product enhancements but we do not do product development in the U.S.  We import what is designed or created in France.

Thanks so much.

5 thoughts on “2016 Catalog – New Rhodia Products?

  1. I second the recommendation for the white staple-bound notebooks. Also, the A5 sized side wire-bound notebooks would be very nice (both lined and 5×5). The only thing like this you seem to offer now are the meeting books which I don’t have a lot of use for.

  2. The Bloc Pocket in dot-pad, ideal for a jacket pocket. I’ve seen it in US stores, but they all seem to be out of stock:

    A few years ago, I bought an Exacompta product that I found invaluable for carrying paperwork for immigration interviews. It was a PP folder with 3 flaps, and 12 dividers inside. The flaps prevented valuable documents from falling out, the tabs made it easy to organize the various types of documents so I didn’t have to fumble around to retrieve the right one. This product looks like it:–Ref-55981E

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