Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Is Dot the New Grid?



dotpads 2I have noticed this year that the demand for dot grid products is going up and up.  I think some people have “discovered” dot grid paper and like it; and other Rhodia users have migrated from the classic violet to the subtler grids in dot and Rhodia Ice.

We have Webnotebooks and Webnotepads in dot grid; and some of the classic staplebound pads in both black and orange. We reintroduced dot grid wirebound pads this year.  In addition, we’ve had some requests for dot grid in the Rhodiarama collection, and also A4 Webbies if we decide to import them.

The most popular Rhodia products continue to be the classic violet grid, but dot grid is becoming more and more popular.

Are you a grid user that has moved to dot grid?

Are you a lined notebook user that is thinking about trying dot grid?

6 thoughts on “Is Dot the New Grid?

  1. Ironically, I first started out using dot grid paper, but then gravitated towards graph lined paper and I now prefer graph over both dot grid and lined. For more creative moments, I’ll simply use blank paper. Thanks for asking.

  2. Traditionally I have used lined paper, but I recently received a Rhodia dot pad as a gift. I really like it. Not practical for everything I do (still need lined paper for some things), but I find myself using the dot pad more and more, especially at work.

    Also, you mentioned the A4 Webnotebooks being imported (potentially). I think this is a great idea, whether it’s dot or lined. I’d buy both!

  3. I find it depends on the project. Sometimes it’s nice to have the dot grid dissolve almost completely, but other times the full grid lines are necessary to maintain order.

  4. Yes, I moved from grid to dot (I never liked lined paper). I was first introduced to them via the Behance dot-grid notebooks. A typographer recommended them as a better tool for typeface designers. Unfortunateky the Behance paper is not very nice, and I was very pleased when Rhodia introduced its own line.

    One product that seems to have disappeared from store shelves is the tiny little 3″x5″ dot-grid notepad with a tuck-over flap, ideal for keeping in a jacket pocket. Please bring it back.

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