Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Talk Back Tuesday: Reporter Notepads with non-removable pages?



“Hi there. I’m a reporter, and big fan of your notepads that fit in my back pocket – particularly the No. 16 wirebound notepad. It’s all perfect except for the perforated line on top. I don’t ever want to remove the pages, and I don’t want them to fall out and they always do while I’m on the go. Do you have a reporter’s notepad that does not have the perforated line?” – from Zach in New York


Sorry Zach, but there are currently no Rhodia or Clairefontaine reporter style notepads offering non-perforated pages. Even the newer Webnotepad shown here, offers the micro perforated pages.


Who else would like to see a reporter style Rhodia notebook with non-removable pages? Would you prefer spiral binding? Or a hard cover like the Webnotepads?


5 thoughts on “Talk Back Tuesday: Reporter Notepads with non-removable pages?

  1. God yes, non-perforated pads. Make them just like the regular ones, glue/staple bound, but without those damn perforations. When I write something, I’ve written it because I want to keep it. Why on earth would anybody want to tear a sheet out of a notebook? They’ve got post-it notes for that (not to mention email, sms, twitter, Slack, &al).

  2. I would prefer spiral bound as well. I really like the Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring notepads and hope that Rhodia could do something similar with the better Rhodia paper. I like being able to refill the notepad and take pages out cleanly when needed.

  3. I find that I want the pages to stay in… except when I don’t! I carry a Rhodia Unlimited and keep long-term information in the front (quotes, notes for future use, etc) and short term info in the back (tear out a page to put my contact info on).

  4. Trying to satisfy every potential customer’s need is impossible. I love the webbie formats and would not mind microperfed pages in the least if I were using the reporter stye (which I do not). I was a real journalist back in the olden days. I made manual notes to supplement and emphasize microcassette recordings. I went through small 100-page spiral notebooks like crazy. I filled them long before the perforations could have separated from wear and tear. I got four to ten stories in a book so I liked the spiral format because I could deliberately remove pages, tape them to 8.5×11 pages and file them appropriately.

  5. Spiral binding would be nice, especially from the perspective of wanting to scan what I’ve written or drawn without removing the pages to do so.

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