Thursday, August 20th, 2015

The Art of Journaling: Inking it When You Think of it


How many times have you come up with a good idea, or a really important thought only to lose it because you didn’t take the time to write it down? With an estimated 50,000-70,000* thoughts per day, it’s so easy to see how one individual thought could get quickly get swept away in the ebb and flow of our mind.

(There seems to be a wide variety of opinions on the actual amount of thoughts we have  on an average day. Some say as low as 20,000, others between 60-70,000 and this site, which calculates up to 600,000 thoughts per day!!!) 

With the incredibly fleeting nature of our thoughts, my number one suggestion would be to always keep a pen and paper on hand. If you keep a single journal that never leaves your side, that would be optimum – but if you don’t, you could keep smaller pocket sized notebooks in easily accessible places such as: on the nightstand next to your bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and/or in your car.

Back pocket, shirt pocket or breast pocket, backpack, briefcase, purse or wristlet, the 3×5″ Rhodia Unlimited and the 3×4″ Rhodia Side Staplebound Notebooks would work great for this purpose.

Smartphone apps and voice memos are other options for capturing our thoughts. Do either of these these work better for you than writing them down by hand? Or do you believe that writing them down is the only way to go?

I tend to work better with visual reminders – and as such, believe the action of writing helps me to reinforce the thought.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Journaling: Inking it When You Think of it

  1. Paper makes it real to me, somehow…It allows me to experience the physicality of having a thought–writing it down, seeing it appear on the page… in a way that seeing it appear on the screen doesn’t. It helps me to have the freedom of the page for thinking first, before trying to contain whatever it is on the screen.

  2. I carry a notebook everywhere. One of the most invaluable things I’ve learned is to index my notebooks. Even if my ideas are random and fleeting, I should at least give myself an easier time finding them later. Once my first few are indexed, I’m planning to make a digital master index that references each notebook and its contents.

    The most fun part is doodling on the outsides and naming them to distinguish one from another. My current notebook is code-named “Astro” and has a space theme. The next will have a mandala, and will likely be called “Bombay” or “Bengal”.

  3. I too carry notebooks everywhere. Anytime that I have a thought I quickly jot it down. I have found that my writing improves when I write a thought down with a pen, then later transfer it into the computer. When I have had time to think more about the idea, I can create more than I can if I sit at the computer staring at a blank computer screen screaming to be filled.

  4. Definitely writing by hand! Have notebooks in every room, the car, my purse, my computer bag…

    Anyone with commitment problems, the Goulet Pen Company sells a notebook sampler. Can’t remember if JetPens does as well. But both will sell you multi-packs of notebooks and Goulet discounts multiples of 5.

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