Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Rhodia Product Spotlight: “R” Notepad Gift Set



The Rhodia “R” Notepad Gift Set includes a grained leatherette black or orange pad cover filled with a No. 16 (6 x 8 ¼”) “R” pad in your choice of blank or line ruled paper. The cover has an attached pencil loop and includes a Rhodia pencil. This set retails for around $30 and comes in a clear plastic box – perfect for gift giving.

“R” premium notepads have a “Soft Touch” coated cover and are filled with 70 sheets of 90g ultra smooth ivory paper.


The cover of the notepad is scored to fold neatly back onto itself.  With the cover folded back, insert the cover(s) of the notepad into the slot in the leatherette cover.


This paper offers a luxurious surface for doodling with these inexpensive children’s markers from Crayola. (Go ahead and be playful – you deserve it.) 


Orange leatherette cover from the Rhodia “R” Notepad Gift Set

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