Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Raise your hand for more A4



Rhodia Fan Greg writes: “I have looked all over for an A4 Webbie but I have been told by all the resellers I normally deal with that they are not able to import the A4 to the States… I really love the Webnotebooks, but A5 simply is not large enough for my needs.”

VP of Marketing Karen Doherty responds: “Exaclair, Inc. is the sole importer/distributor of Rhodia products in the US. However, retailers can special order the A4 Webnotebooks through us. Besides your request and one other last year, we have not had any requests for the A4 size.”

An A4 Webnotebook will be probably cost between $30-36 retail. If we would choose to import a very small amount of A4 Webbies to the US for 2016, would you prefer blank, lined or dot grid?

Note: Quo Vadis offers an A4 black Habana bound notebook with 80 sheets of blank paper. The paper is 85g Clairefontaine – close to the Webnotebook’s 90g Clairefontaine paper. It retails for $30, and can be purchased from Goulet Pen.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Raise your hand for more A4

  1. Thanks so much for bringing this up, Stephanie! I was really impressed with Karen’s willingness to respond and discuss my request, and even more so that she got you involved to gather feedback or other Rhodia fans. It’s awesome that your blog allows fans to impact product development and provide feedback on the variety already available. I (we) definitely appreciate it.

    I own a Quo Vadis Habana, and it’s decent…but it’s not up to Webnotebook quality in my opinion. The paper isn’t quite as nice, and the line spacing (5.5mm) is slightly too small. Even small compromises become large when you’re dealing with a $30 notebook.

    I’ve wanted an A4 Webbie for so long now! As Glenn pointed out, the A5 is just too small. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a couple overseas and having them shipped over, but it seems nutty to spend $30-40 to ship a $35 notebook. Hopefully Exaclair can fulfill this wish and bring some over.

    As others have noted, I would prefer lined, but dot pad would be a solid second choice.

  2. Sign me up. I would absolutely love an A4 Webnotebook! I agree with Beth – lined first choice, dot grid second

  3. Dot-grid please.

    I primarily use notebooks for taking notes during meetings (research shows you have better recall when taking notes using pen on paper: http://pss.sagepub.com/content/early/2014/04/22/0956797614524581.abstract
    Back when I was in college, I would use binders and burn through 500-sheet sheaves of loose-leaf perforated 5×5 squared paper in about 2 weeks each. To prepare for exams, I’d copy summaries to A5 Exacompta bristol flash cards (I guess I anticipated the research about recall). Nowadays, it’s probably 3 months per notebook.
    The A5 webbie is too small for my note-taking needs, so I use a Behance Action Book instead, but I don’t like the “toothiness” of the paper. The Rhodia A4 dot-grid pads might work , but I really prefer a long-edge binding. The large Rhodia meeting book is the closest match, and in fact I used it in the past, but dot-grid or squared is far superior to lined.

  4. I’ve avoided buying the Webbie for the same reason: too small. I think the A4 would be perfect.

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