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The Paper Project #21: Sign up Now! Free Samples of Yellow and White Rhodia Paper


Rhodia Yellow


This month’s Paper Project is now closed to receive samples, comments may still be posted below. 

The Paper Project puts FREE Exaclair paper samples in your hands to the first 30 people who sign up – allowing you to try before you buy. There is no limit to how many months you may participate and if chosen, you will be notified via e-mail that the samples are on their way.

Have you been chosen to receive samples?  We would appreciate if you would please come back and offer any feedback you may have about this month’s products on this page. Comments may be submitted even after we close the post to new participants.

For the month of August we are offering 1 sample sheet each of yellow and white 8×12″ Rhodia lined paper with a margin from the No. 19 pads. 

rhodia_no19_yellow_paper_bigIf you are looking for a premium yellow legal pad, Rhodia offers the 8×12″ No. 19. With a slightly different texture than the white, we are offering a sample of each so you can see the difference for yourself. Both the yellow and the white are 80g and come 80 sheets to a pad.

We want to know how this product stands up to your favorite pens and pencils, (or other art or writing supplies you’d like to try with it). You may leave your comments on this page, and we also welcome and encourage you to blog about your experience. Feel free to share these links to your favorite social media sites. Tag #rhodiapaperproject on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you’d like us to see your Paper Project blog posts, post your links in the comment section on this corresponding month’s page OR to our Rhodia Drive Facebook page.

What kind of comments are we looking for?

  • Tell us what you like/don’t like about the paper: surface texture, ruling, ink, etc.
  • How do you like using your favorite writing/art supplies on it.
  • Would you use it to write/draw/doodle/sketch etc.?
  • …and anything else you think we should know.

Need a few recent reviews for inspiration?

From Jeff Dickerson on Week 20 offerings of G. Lalo Coreale Deckled Edge Correspondence Cards: “This paper is almost too beautiful to write on. However, it is a pleasure to use. It takes any ink. if you have an embossing tool it is a perfect paper to emboss, deboss, engrave or send to a letterpress shop. I think this is a better way to send thank you note than the cheap notes I have used in the past.”

From Dave on Week 19’s Le Carre samples: “Each of the samples from the LeCarre Pad performed just as expected. Using my staedtler triplus rollers, I found the paper to be ultra-smooth and accepting to the colors. Dry time was about 2 seconds for each of my sample drawings. I love the graph format because it helps me to conceptualize my ideas to be executed through my still very rudimentary drawing skills. The LeCarre Pad is definitely a winner in my book and I’ll look to add some to my collection.”

Rhodia Week 12 at bjw-draw “This week I discovered an irresistible combo from Rhodia and JetPens. Clairefontaine GraF it 90g paper and the Rook pen. … the perfect match for this paper that has just a little bit of tooth to hold the nib but still allow for the smooth line.”

You can also check out all the reviews that people are posting in the comment sections of posts from Week 1 Week 2,  Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12 , Week 13Week 14 Week 15,  Week 16Week 17Week 18Week 19, and Week 20

If you are viewing this post via e-mail or on a mobile device, you may need to visit Rhodia Drive directly to see the entry form. (Entries must be received through the form – please do not post your name and address in the comment section of this post to receive samples. Thank you!)


10 thoughts on “The Paper Project #21: Sign up Now! Free Samples of Yellow and White Rhodia Paper

  1. I had the opportunity to try the Rhoda No. 19 lined paper in yellow and white. I used a variety of fountain pens (Pelikan, Lamy, Faber-Castell, Sailor, Platinum, Monteverde, Montblanc, Waterman) and steel and gold nibs ranging from fine to broad, as well as stubs. I also tried several different kinds of inks including Diamine, Sailor, Aurora, Pilot, Noodler’s, Waterman, Montblanc and J. Herbin. It was a change for me to use the larger paper and a different ruling. I usually use the smaller No. 16 dot pad. It was nice to have a larger area to write on. I also liked that the ruling at 7 mm is bigger than the Dotpad at 5mm. If I try to stay within the dots it makes my writing quite small. The lines make for a cleaner look with more space for my writing to breathe and an opportunity to show off whatever ink I’m using. I had more inks than usual to try out as I had been fortunate enough to get quite a few samples from a fellow attendee at the recent Pelikan Hub in Los Angeles

    I found both papers very smooth to write on. The line produced was very tight with no feathering or spreading of the ink on the page, as well as no showthrough or bleedthrough. I frequently use copy paper for random notes and the difference in the lines produced is profound. The lines written on copy paper are much broader and not nearly as sharp. When it came to the colors, I found the yellow paper very calming to write on as it wasn’t as bright as the white paper. The different ink colors I used were more subdued with the yellow background. The white paper really made my different ink colors pop. The left margin is a bit wide for me, but then I don’t do much annotation of my notes and would rather have additional writing space on the main part of the page. I think I see these larger Rhodia notepads in my writing future.

  2. This paper feels perfect.
    Great smooth finish. No feathering or bleedthrough except with a sharpie. This is not a commodity paper. Like all Rhodia products great attention is paid to the manufacture. Consistent quality.

  3. Hi All,

    Please see my review and pictures at my blog post…

    Rhodia Paper Project Week 21
    Rhodia Pad No. 19, Yellow, Lined, 80g
    Tested with Delta Dolcevita, Medium Size, Medium Nib, DeAtramentis Sapphire Blue Ink

    So I am a bit behind with my blog posting, but I wanted to get to this sample. Last week, as a part of Rhodia’s ongoing paper project, I got a sample of this paper. It’s from a Rhodia Pad, and it measures 11 11/16″ x 8 5/16″.

    My first impression is that the paper is very smooth, and of about average thickness. When I started my writing test, there was no feathering and no bleedthrough even when I laid down some heavy ink spots.
    This would be a great paper for business or recreational use. I think it would be great with just about any pen and it feels great in your hand and as you are writing on it.

    This is clearly a premium paper, but in order to figure that out, I think you might need to write on it a bit. It’s definitely a paper that won’t attract a lot of attention from the person getting it, and perhaps for your situation that’s a good thing.

    Normally I prefer blank papers, but in this case, this sample may have me reconsider my stance. The lines on the page are crisp, thin and unobtrusive. I would surely recommend this paper to anyone looking for a good lined paper which will work well for fountain pens. This would be great for taking class notes or handing in class assignments that might be hand written.

    Thanks for reading!


  4. The paper, like all Rhodia paper I have tried, has such a smooth surface that makes it feel like my pen is gliding among the paper. Because of that, I don’t think it’s possible to get Writer’s Hand from writing too long on it.
    The lining of it as well makes everything so neat and organised looking for me as well!

  5. Both papers, white and yellow were flawless when using both ball point and fountain pens. For some reason, the yellow seemed ultra smooth under my ball points. I have used papers that had a smoothness, or density, that was such that it caused my ball points to slide rather than roll on the paper. That was not the case with either of these two samples. My fountain pen writing exhibited no feathering or bleed through. I love this paper and intend to get some in the yellow right away.

  6. Week 21 giveaway No. 19 Rhodia pad yellow / white 80g.

    Surprisingly, apart from my Rhodia meeting book, I do not use large pads – A5 is my biggest and the rest are Pocket and block size. So I was grateful to have the chance to try these A4 samples.

    As usual the paper is smooth and takes my Papermate Gel and Uniball Signo well, although as usual, being lefthanded, I got the occasional smudge. I found myself writing on both sides, which I don’t often do either. I preferred the yellow against the black and blue inks. For me the left margin seemed a touch too wide, but i can see it being useful for headings.

    I might invest in one of these soon, to complement my pocket notebooks.

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