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Noteworthy Knives: What are you using, and for what?



I have seen your EDC (Every Day Carry) photos and I know that many of you carry some form of a pocket knife. As much as I’ve always wanted to carry and use a really cool knife for all things McGuyver, it just isn’t in me to rely on any one tool in that way.

The knives in the photo above? I use three of them for sharpening pencils. Of the three, the Exacto with the curved blade sees the most use because that blade is just super suited for whittling pencils. I found it at a flea market for $5. I thought it was old, but I’ve since seen them for sale at Blick. They sell for about $10 and you can get all kinds of different blades for it. This knife typically stays at home.


I’ve had this knife for almost 20 years and it rarely gets used. When I worked for The Camera Shop in the early 90’s, Nikon ran a program for sales associates where we received all kinds of Nikon branded swag. This Buck knife was one of the more interesting offerings. It came with a little nylon case with “Nikon” embroidered on it.

I took this knife on my first ever camping trip in 1996 when we camped on the beach with the wild ponies on Asseteague Island in Maryland. When we stopped at the grocery store for supplies, my friends laughed at me for buying a giant watermelon, but once we set up camp in the sweltering sun, the knife came in pretty handy to carve up that melon. I put the pieces in plastic baggies under a bag of ice in our cooler and we enjoyed eating them all weekend long.


This is a tiny Buck knife I also use for sharpening pencils. This is my traveling knife. I like it because it fits nicely in any of my pencil boxes.


This is the big version of my travel box, I have a smaller version as well. They are from the tool department at Home Depot and are super affordable. The box houses a variety of drawing pencils,  including all my “shorties.” (When my colored pencils get small, I replace them and put them in this box.)

While there a variety of pencils in the box, my favorites are the Uni Hi graphite pencils, Derwent drawing pencils, and Prismacolor colored pencils.

Which are are your favorite pocket knives and why? How long have you carried a pocket knife?

4 thoughts on “Noteworthy Knives: What are you using, and for what?

  1. My everyday in the pocket knife is the Cutco Pocket Knife with Double-D Edge. It’s the right size to fit in any pocket yet solid in the hand to whittle or cut boxes or open just about anything. I ponder getting another one with the straight edge because ….. just because….

    My other one is a SOG PE14-CP Knife with Part-Serrated Folding 4-Inch Steel Blade. That one I take with me for canoe trips, working in the garden, breaking down big boxes, and overall anything that needs serious grip to go with the cutting.

  2. I EDC the same O.D. green Buck folder I bought at the PX almost 30 years ago. My Buck knife survived nearly 23 years of Infantry service and nine combat deployments. My front right pocket would feel empty without my little Buck knife, but the wear to my jeans would certainly be less.

  3. I began to carry a pocket knife back in the 80’s. First a cheap made in china knife and quickly lost.
    Then… a Laguiole. Very nice, may be a little bit heavy and long in a jean (make holes in pocket), but so slim and sharp! I’ve replaced it as pocket knife for an Opinel #6, which I lost it 2 month ago, after more than 20 years of loyal services. These Opinel are light, the wood handle doesn’t damage the blade when closed, the carbon blade (not the stainless steal) is a piece of cake to sharpen, and mine has been sharpened on a lot of surfaces that are not usually considered as sharpening stones :)

    I’m used to take my SOG multitool (S-60) when traveling, and usually I wear, too, my Buck 110.

    And when I go camping, my KABAR and my Gerber Mark I, but these are definitely not pocket knifes ;)

  4. I caught the EDC bug around five or six years ago. I like carrying a small folder with me in my purse. It comes in handy more often than I would have believed. I use it for unruly packages, slicing apples, or cutting threads. Where I live, there is a 2″ blade length rule, so I had to be careful about how big my knife was. I settled on a Spyderco Ladybug in purple. I take it everywhere except the airport or places designated weapon free…although I do not consider my ladybug a weapon at all.

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