Thursday, August 6th, 2015

The Art of Journaling with Intention



One of my teachers taught me that by consciously setting an intention before doing something, we greatly increase the quality of the experience.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines intention as “the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose”. And what is quality? “how good or bad something is” or “a high level of value or excellence” And experience? “the process of doing and seeing things”

Sitting down to write can be a pleasant or daunting experience. Words can come easy or with great difficulty. Is it possible to affect the outcome by setting a simple intention?

Here’s a few ideas of what that might look like:

“Thoughts come easily to me and flow through my pen with great ease.” This might be helpful when you have a challenging project, or if you’ve been experiencing a touch of writer’s block.

“Writing is effortless” This could be helpful if you struggle to find the right words.

“I write with joy”  Might give you permission to write without judgments.

“It is a great feeling to put pen to paper” Again, this might help to remove self-judgments over the quality of your efforts.

In my experiences as a writer, artist, and as a teacher, it always seems that when we are able to remove obstacles that hinder our ability to do great work, (like overly critical self-judgments) we actually do great work.

Intentions, affirmations, creative visualization, and the power of positive thinking are all tools which can assist in achieving your goals because they help you to see yourself on the other side of the experience you wish to have.

Do you currently use any of these tools for writing? For other activities? Do you have any favorite intentions or affirmations that you would like to share?

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