Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: A Stationery Subscription Service?



The only kind of shopping I really love is for art/writing supplies and books. (Once in a great while I enjoy walking around the local antique co-ops.) But as often as I spend poking around at my local Blick, (I should probably just get a part time job there)  I wish that I could have some items delivered to me on a regular basis. Certain colors of my favorite brand of acrylic paint and colored pencils? DEFINITELY. Pencil leads and gum erasers? Yes please.

One popular online retailer offers a “subscribe and save” option for a wide variety of consumables, which I’ve personally used for a hard to find shampoo and a particular brand of herbal supplements. In each case, I ended up with an unused stockpile so I’m not sure this option (on at least these items) worked out to my advantage.

If you could receive art or writing supplies as part of a subscription service, would you use it?

Have you ever placed a standing order for anything, anywhere?


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: A Stationery Subscription Service?

  1. Not sure I would use such a service because I’m trying to decrease the stuff weighing down my life. As much as I love all my paper and pens, I want only as much in stock as I need for a few weeks at a time. I can see paper and ink accumulating rapidly with a subscription. I do have dog treats set up to deliver every eight weeks. The Big Dog must have his biscuits.

  2. I haven’t used a subscription service for reordering the same supplies, but I am currently a subscriber to “Moustache Stationery” which sends out curated boxes of writing and art utensils, supplies, and paper every month. I’m also a subscriber to the Field Notes Colors editions which are released on a seasonal basis and offer a discount and subscriber-only goodies. I think the element of surprise in each case is important and vital to my creative process. I could definitely see myself subscribing to a service where a new, interesting color or design of Rhodia Webbie were released monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

  3. I love the idea of a subscription service. I’ve also subscribed to services where I wind up with some excess. As long as it’s easy enough to change your subscription refresh time, I’ve never found it to be a problem.

    I do know, with some of my harder to find papers, there are times, and there are applications where I hesitate to use my favorites because of scarcity. In these cases, I sometimes opt for a more widely available option. In these cases the more widely available options are usually good, but sometimes not great.

    For instance, I often use Rhodia DotPads, since I can find those easier than I can the Rhodia Premium “R” Pads. Both are fantastic papers, but my personal preference is (of course) for the harder to find Rhodia Premium “R” Pads.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind being able to get some of the R Pads delivered on a schedule.

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