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The Paper Project: Feedback on Rhodia No. 38 Paper


Rhodia No. 38

In Week 9 of The Paper Project, we offered samples of Rhodia paper from the No. 38 pad – one with graph ruling, the other with dot ruling. 

The No. 38 Rhodia is 16 ½ x 12 ½ ” (A3+ 420 X 318 ) and features the following:

• 80 g acid-free, pH neutral paper
• Extra white paper, exceptionally smooth satin finish
• Pale violet lines, pale violet dots with 5mm interval
• Microperforated on top for easy and clean removal
• Reinforced staples for extra strength
• Cover is scored to neatly fold back – Top bound
• Stiff back cover makes writing or sketching easy and portable • 80 sheets

The No. 38 is available in graph ruling with an orange cover, and dot ruling with a black cover.

penny says: I’ve been waiting to write my full review of this paper because I hoped to acquire full notebooks of it before now. Well, it helps to actually place the order! (Which I did this morning.)

I love 3×5 index cards, A5 notebooks, and to the surprise of those that know me large sheets to plan with.

I found the two sample sheets great to work with, the paper is a delight to write on with all my pens. I see benefits to both layouts and it was difficult to choose one to purchase.
As I had both formats to work with, I chose to organize my annual plans/goals on the dot grid and my 2015 Q1 needs on the graph. I just ordered a dot grid notebook and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I’ll hopefully post a full review soon.

Thank you for introducing me to this notepad. I’d been using sketch pads which are okay, but this is much better for how I work.

bonnie jean woolger says: These two samples are paper heaven! These are my favorite papers and it was a joy to open the envelope and discover these pages. I was unaware that I could get these papers in this size, which is as big as I like to work. Blog post available here. 

Jeff Dickerson says: While this is larger paper than I would use, it is still the quality I would expect. Bright white and little bleedthrough even with a broad Sharpie.It would good for layouts or sketching. The surface makes writing a pleasure.

Denis says: Just received the samples. Tested them with newly acquired Kaweco Skyline EF loaded with Herbin Perle Noire. The paper is truly amazing but my preference is the dotted version. I always consideres that the lines on the grid version of Rhodia paper were too visible. Would like to see a grid version with faint gray grid like on the Ice series.

Tyler C-W says: Just received my Rhodia No.38 paper! The size of this paper is the first thing I like about it. Being a progrmammer, I find myself jotting down all sorts of seemingly random notes and sketches. This paper has enough room on it to fit anything I could want! The texture of the paper is simply amazing, writing on it (I used a Pilot Precise V5 RT, Black) felt like there was no paper at all. I would compare it to writing on air. I personally prefer the grid ruled sheets over the dot ruled, as I find the structure of the grid helps when sketching a program screen out. Overall, the size, weight, and texture of this paper make for quite an amazing writing experience!

Beth Treadway saysI didn’t even wait for the sample. Hit Amazon for a dot version and dove in. These are PERFECT for plotting novels and mind mapping as I have lots of space to work and can use my beloved pens without worrying the ink will bleed through.

I was using sketch pads with 6B pencils. Now I use the dot version with both pencils and fountain pens and it (pun alert) keeps me straight. Wish I’d known about these before this year. The perfect tool for writers. Thank you!

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  1. Well it is no accident that so many people mention Rhodia, I just received my samples and what a difference good paper makes. Wow, I have a Rhodia Dotpad No19 in front of me now and its a great joy. Thanks for the sample.

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