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Noteworthy: Brad Dowdy The Pen Addict on why Paper Matters


Brad Dowdy Pen Addict

I’ve been writing at The Pen Addict for nearly eight years. When I look back at some of my early posts I realize how much I have learned during that time. Things such as what pens work best for me, what pens work well for other people, and, importantly, that paper matters.

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to putting the writing instrument first. It’s the fancy sports car you drool over as it races down the street. But guess what? If you don’t put the right tires underneath the car, it’s not going to drive very well, is it? Putting the right paper under your pen makes all the difference in the world.

I consider Rhodia paper the standard that all other paper is measured by. I first realized this when I caught the fountain pen bug several years ago. Not just any paper will work with the huge variety of nibs and ink on the market. Rhodia paper handles anything you throw at it with ease. I realized this when using nibs ground down as fine as XXXF. Paper has to be smooth to deal with a nib like that, and there is nothing smoother than Rhodia.

The Rhodia Dot Pad became my go to notebook, especially for fountain pen and ink reviews. Sure, they are great for any types of pens or pencils, but they shine with fountain pen nibs and inks. It’s nice to have a baseline when reviewing, and when I relay to my readers that an ink performs a certain way on Rhodia paper it’s like an understood standard. Readers nod their heads and say “Yep, got it!”

I’m happy to have Rhodia on my desk, and in my life. Keep making great paper and I’ll keep buying it!

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