Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

The Art of Journaling: Stephanie’s Wisdom Journal



These are some important things I’ve figured out in my 46 years to be written in my Wisdom Journal:

Ask lots of questions. (Never stop asking questions)
Like attracts like.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
I need to drink more water and eat more fiber.
Fruit especially does my body good.
Refined sugar and flour are not good for my body.
Low impact exercise works great for my mind and body.
Gardening is an exercise in both manifesting abundance and embracing impermanence.

Wisdom Journal? I totally just made that up. Heading to Google now to see if such a thing already exists…

I’m back. Upon quick inspection, I do not immediately see that such a thing exists, so here goes: The idea is to keep a special notebook/journal where you write down anything that you know (or believe) to be true about yourself or about the world. If possible, consider including the original source of this information. Was it a self-discovery? Was it something your parents or other caregivers taught you? Was it something you read in your choice of scriptures? From a Dave Barry column?

Since I first began journaling in 2005, I’ve engaged in many different activities designed to help me to evolve. I’m particularly grateful that early along this journey, one of my teachers taught me the value of closely examining our core beliefs to see how and if they continue to serve our highest good – AND how this shouldn’t be a once and done type of activity, but rather one that remains a constant work in progress.

What do you think about this idea? Is it something you would consider doing? I think it could be a great gift for your children and grandchildren…

Shown above, is one of the refillable Exacompta “Nostalgie” Journals. Available in 17* embossed designs, this 5×7″ journal comes with one of three refill options: 190 sheets of 64g blank, graph, or undated calendar pages. (*While quantities last) 

(Note: I tested this paper for fountain pen friendliness in 2009 and you can see my original review here: “I tested a ton of fountain pen inks and there was NO feathering or spreading. Only the tiniest of bleeding and that was only at the beginning of a line, near the inner crease of the book. However, you wil notice a good deal of see-through on the other side. if you use highly saturated inks, it could be a distraction.”) 

One thought on “The Art of Journaling: Stephanie’s Wisdom Journal

  1. Nice article!

    It is a nice idea; it reminds me quite a lot of a commonplace book: a place to gather quotes, wisdom, and any information you want to retain in the long term. Try searching that and you may find some further inspiration!

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