Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Different Rulings in One Book?


Orange Landscape Webbie

The reflection on the left hand side of this ruled Landscape Webnotebook makes it appear blank which led me to thinking… what if this was a real product? What if we offered a notebook that had ruling on one side of the page and was blank on the other? Is this something that might be of value to you? How would you use it?

It reminds me of what I might expect to see in a field notebook. Sketches on the left, notes on the right. While I suppose this option could be offered in any of the Webbies, I think I’d especially like it for the Landscape version because there is so much real estate to spread out and draw.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Different Rulings in One Book?

  1. I am looking for a calendar like the one that I made for myself. In a 3-ring binder, I have a monthly calendar on the left side of the rings and on the right side of the rings, I have notebook paper. The boxes with the dates just don’t have enough room for me. I am always thinking of things to add to my day. I use a different color dot for each day and when I find that I need to add another task to certain days, I put the same color dot next to the new task, so I’ll know when I need to do it.

    This Rhodia notebook would be perfect for me. The size looks great, much more mobile than my 3-ring binder and I can make my calendar fit the blank page……Brilliant!

  2. Thanks to the previous commemorators providing alternative notebook manufacturers. It will be interesting to see if some of those will hold up as well as my Webbie in my bag. I am not sure that I would use an alternatively blank and ruled notebook. However, the idea of a landscape-ruled Webbie is intriguing.

  3. Code and Quill, a kickstarter company, has some nice notebooks that are half dot grid, half graph.

  4. I would love a sketchbook with dot grid on the left side and blank on the right. I end up doing a bunch of design-note illustrations, and the right page is easier for me to draw on – but I always have notes on the rear/left side.

  5. This is a terrific idea and it has appeal for a variety of users. I like that I could use this for my documentation sketches of my travels, like when you gave me the landscape webbie, which would make recording the event easier. I see urban sketchers using it because they enjoy writing comments about the environment, the site, the people, and in some cases, the history of the site. Field engineers, anthropologists, surveyors and those who record technical measurements would also find this format useful. I hope you’ll give the idea serious consideration. Thanks for asking.
    Best wishes,

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